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Video Product Review Reward Program 

Product review is important for us to share customers buying experience to the other new comers. Customers who purchased on or can make a video product review or written product reviews to earn USD $18.00 or USD 12.00 in return respectively.


To claim the reward, you need to:

1.      Make the product review video or prepare the paragraph of the product review, the product review should include the following content

a.      Choose product you purchased from our website

b.      Demonstrate our battery applied in the mobile device

c.      Comment on the product

d.      Hyperlink to the product page of that reviewed product

2.      Upload the video onto youtube or the paragraph onto certain blog or forum.

3.      Fill in the following reward claim form

4.      Our reward program board member will check on the uploaded content. 

5.       Wait for the results

5.      Confirmed with your uploaded conent  and you will GET YOUR PAYMENT

Detailed requirement for rewardable review preparation:

a. Written review:

- 200-300 words

- Photo of the item required

- Photo of the product that is inserted or applied on the mobile device

- Hyperlink to the page of the product that you are reviewing

b. Video review:

- 1-2 minutes video at least

- Stated clearly the item is from or by any means (verbally or using subtitle)

- Display how the product work

- Tell other your comment on our product

- If video is uploaded on, hyperlink to the product page must be included in the video description section


Review Reward Application Form

Order ID :
Review Type:
(Write the product code of the product to be reviewed and the website you will post the comment on)

Please enter the following code into the box provided: