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Tungsten PDA Battery for sale.
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Battery for Archos 50d Helium, 50d Helium 4G, Elements 50d Helium, Archos AC50DHE Battery for Intermec CN3,CN3E,CN4,CN4Eæ, Intermec 318-016-001,318-016-002,AB9,AB16,AB15æ Tools kit set
Tools kit set for installation of internal battery
List Price: $23.67
Our Price: $19.05
You save : $4.62!

Capacity: 1600mAh / 6.08WhmAh
- Li-ion battery
- Compatible with battery have part number: AC50DHE
Capacity: 4400mAhmAh
- Lithium-Ion battery
- Compatible with battery have part number: 318-016-001,318-016-002,AB9,AB16,AB15ć
Full set of tools applicable for 95% of mobile device (MP3, mobile phone, PDA, PMP, GPS etc)
T1, T5, T6, T8, T10 screw driver and plastic disintegrater included.
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