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Hosin-CS-HSU800SL   Battery for HOSIN U8
HP-CS-HPC110NB   Battery for HP Chromebook 11, 11 G1
HP-CS-HPN134NB   Battery for HP Chromebook 14, 14Q, 14-Q063CL, 14-Q010SA, 14-Q000ED, 14-Q070NR, 14-Q000SA, 14-Q050NA, 14-Q050NR, 14-Q030EG, 14-Q050CA, Pavilion 14-Q010DX, TPN-Q134
HP-CS-HPX210NB   Battery for HP SlateBook 101, 101" X2 10-10-h010NR, TPN-Q127
HP-CS-HPN111NB   Battery for HP Spectre 13-3000, Spectre 13t-3000, TPN-F111
HP-CS-HPX132NB   Battery for HP Split 13, Split 13-M010DX, Split 13 x 2
HP-CS-HPC118NB   Battery for HP Split x2 13-R010dx 13.3, TPN-C118, TPN-C119
HP-CS-HP2133NB   Battery for HP 2133 Mini-Note (482262-001, KU528AA, HSTNN-DB63, HSTNN-IB63, HSTNN-IB64)
HP-CS-CP2400NB   Battery for HP 381373-001, 383510-001, HSTNNIB12, PB991A
HP-CS-NX4300NB   Battery for HP 397164-001, W22044LB, HSTNN-A14C, EH510AA
HP-CS-HPF420NB   Battery for HP 420, 425, 4320t, 620, 625, ProBook 4320s, 4321s, 4325s, 4326s, 4420s, 4421s, 4425s, 4520s, 4525s, 4720s
HP-CS-HDP520NB   Battery for HP 500, 520
HP-CS-HDP520HB   Battery for HP 500, 520 (434045-141, 438518-001, HSTNN-IB39)
HP-CS-HPF510NB   Battery for HP 510, HP 530 Series (440264-ABC, 440704-001, 440265-ABC, 440266-ABC, HSTNN-FB40, 443063-001)
HP-CS-HPF550NB   Battery for HP 550, Business Notebook 6720s, 6720s/CT, 6730s, 6730s/CT, 6735s, 6820s, 6830s
HPCS-AR1500SL   Battery for HP Aero 1500, Aero 1520, Aero 1525, Aero 1530, Aero 1550, Aero PE2021
HPCS-AR2100SL   Battery for HP Aero 2100, Aero 2110, Aero 2115, Aero 2150, Aero 2160, Aero 2180, Aero 2120, Aero 2130
CS-HPL100NB   Battery for HP AirLife 100
HPHCS-HPB303SL   Battery for HP Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
HPCS-BT300SL   Battery for HP BT GPS
PTCS-HTP460SL   Battery for HP BT500 Bluetooth USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter, Deskjet 460,Officejet H470 Mobile Printer
HP-CS-HTB1200NB   Battery for HP Business Notebook 2210b
HP-CS-HQC20NK   Battery for HP Business Notebook 2230 series, Probook 4310 series, Presario CQ20 series
HP-CS-HPF540NB   Battery for HP Business Notebook 6530s, 6535S, 6520S, 6531s
HP-CS-NC8200HB   Battery for HP Business Notebook 8700, nw8440 Mobile Workstation 8000 & 9000 series
HP-CS-NC4000HB   Battery for HP Business Notebook NC4000 Series (PP2171M, DD880A, 335209-001, 325527-001, 315338-001, PP2171S, 320912-001)
HP-CS-CP4200NB   Battery for HP Business Notebook NC4400, TC4200, TC4400, 4200, NC4200
HP-CS-NX5100HB   Battery for HP Business Notebook NC6000 NX6000 Series (HSTNN-UB18, PB994, HSTNN-I03C, HSTNN-I05C, HSTNN-IB05, HSTNN-IB16, HSTNN-IB18, HSTNN-LB05, HSTNN-MB05, PB994A)
HP-CS-HXD7000NB   Battery for HP Business Notebook NX9500 Series (338794-001, 342661-001, 345027-001, DM842A, PP2182D, PP2182L)
HP-CS-HTX2710NB   Battery for HP Compaq 2710 Tablet PC Ultra-slim, Compaq 2710 Tablet, Compaq 2710p Tablet, Pavilion TX2600, Pavilion TX2601, Pavilion TX 2602, Pavilion TX 2603, TouchSmart TX2, Elitebook 2730p
HP-CS-HPE850NB   Battery for HP E7U244A, EliteBook 850 G1 Z book
HP-CS-HP2170NB   Battery for HP EliteBook 2170p
HP-CS-HPE820NB   Battery for HP Elitebook 820, Elitebook 820 G1
CS-HP8460HB   Battery for HP EliteBook 8460p, 6360t Mobile Thin Client, EliteBook 8460w, 8470p, 8470w, 8560p, 8570p, 8570w, ProBook 6360b, 6460b, 6465b, 6470b, 6475b, 6560b, 6565b
HP-CS-HP8460HB   Battery for HP EliteBook 8460p, 6360t, 8460w, 8470p, 8470w, 8560p, 8570p, 8570w, 6360b, ProBook 6460b, 6465b, 6470b, 6475b, 6560b, 6565b, 6570b
HP-CS-HP8460NB   Battery for HP EliteBook 8460p, 6360t, 8460w, 8470p, 8470w, 8560p, 8570p, 8570w, 6360b, ProBook 6460b, 6465b, 6470b, 6475b, 6560b, 6565b, 6570b
CS-HPF947NB   Battery for HP EliteBook Folio 9470m, BT04XL
HP-CS-HPR810NB   Battery for HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1, 810 G1 D3K50UT,
HP-CS-HPE100SL   Battery for HP ElitePad 1000, ElitePad 1000 G2, F1Q77EA, J4M73PA#ABG, J5N62UT
HP-CS-HPE900SL   Battery for HP ElitePad 900, ElitePad 900 G1, D7X24PA, D3H85UT, AT02025XL
HP-CS-HEN140NB   Battery for HP Envy 14 Beats Edition Series
HP-CS-HPE140NB   Battery for HP Envy 14, 15, 17, TouchSmart 14, 15, 17, Pavilion 14, 15, 17 series
HP-CS-HPE150NB   Battery for HP Envy 15 series
HP-CS-HPE153NB   Battery for HP Envy 15-3000, Envy 15-3100, Envy 15-3200, 15-3300
HP-CS-HPE173NB   Battery for HP Envy 17-3000, Envy 17T-3000
HP-CS-HPY610NB   Battery for HP Envy 6-1000, Envy Spectre XT 13-2021, Envy Spectre TU XT 13-2000eg
HP-CS-HPM600NB   Battery for HP ENVY M6, ENVY M6-K, TPN-C109, TPN-C110, TPN-C111, ENVY M6-1125DX, ENVY M6-1105DX, ENVY M6-N010DX, Envy M6-1310SA, Envy M6-1101sg, Envy M6-1225dx, Envy M6-1188CA, Envy M6-1216TX, ENVY M6-1215TX, Envy M6-1115TX, Envy M6-k015dx, Envy M6-k025dx
HP-CS-HPA200NB   Battery for HP ENVY Rove AIO 20, ENVY Rove AIO 20-K014US, TPC-Q013
HP-CS-HPV600NB   Battery for HP Envy Sleekbook 6, Envy Sleekbook 6z-1000, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1000
HP-CS-HPF130NB   Battery for HP Folio 13, Folio 13-1015TU, Folio 13-1000, Folio 13-2000, Folio 13-1029wm
HP-CS-CV3000HM   Battery for HP G6000, G7000, dv2000, dv2000T, DV2500, DV6000 series
HP-CS-HDM4NB   Battery for HP G62, G72 Series
HP-CS-HP1900HB   Battery for HP HNB0775, HSTNN-DB36
HP-CS-HP1900NB   Battery for HP HNB0775, HSTNN-DB36
HPCS-HIQ100SL   Battery for HP iPAQ 100, iPAQ 110, iPAQ 111, iPAQ 112, iPAQ 114, iPAQ 116
HPCS-HIQ200SL   Battery for HP iPAQ 200, iPAQ 210, iPAQ 211, iPAQ 212, iPAQ 214, iPAQ 216
HPCS-IP4300SL   Battery for HP iPAQ 4300, iPAQ 4315, iPAQ 4350, iPAQ 4355
HPCS-HIQ600SL   Battery for HP iPAQ 600, iPAQ 610, iPAQ 610c, iPAQ 612, iPAQ 612c, iPAQ 614, iPAQ 614c
HPCS-HIQ190SL   Battery for HP iPAQ Data Messenger, HSTNH-C19C
HPCS-HIQ130SL   Battery for HP iPAQ Glisten, K3
HPCS-IP4100SL   Battery for HP iPAQ h4100, iPAQ h4150, iPAQ h4155, iPAQ h4135
HPCS-IP6300SL   Battery for HP iPAQ h6300, iPAQ h6310, iPAQ h6315, iPAQ h6340, iPAQ h6345, iPAQ h6365, iPAQ h6320, iPAQ h6325
HPCS-HX4700SL   Battery for HP iPAQ HX4700, iPAQ HX4715, iPAQ HX4705, iPAQ HX4800
HPCS-IP6800SL   Battery for HP iPAQ rw6800, iPAQ rw6815, iPAQ rw6818, iPAQ rw6828, iPAQ hw6800, iPAQ rw6828 Titanium Black
HPCS-IP6800ML   Battery for HP iPAQ rw6800, rw6815, rw6818, hw6828, hw6800
HPCS-RX1950SL   Battery for HP iPAQ RX1900, iPAQ RX1950, iPAQ RX1955
HPCS-RX4000SL   Battery for HP iPAQ rx4000, iPAQ rx4200, iPAQ rx4240, iPAQ rx4540, iPAQ rx4540, iPAQ rx4545
HPCS-RZ1700SL   Battery for HP iPAQ RZ1700, iPAQ RZ1710, iPAQ RZ1715, iPAQ RZ1717
HPCS-HIQ160SL   Battery for HP iPAQ Voice Messenger, HP Silver
HPCS-MZB3SL   Battery for HP Jornada 420, Jornada 428, Jornada 430, Jornada 430 SE
HPCS-JR520SL   Battery for HP Jornada 520, Jornada 525, Jornada 535, Jornada 540, Jornada 545, Jornada 547, Jornada 548
HPCS-JR560SL   Battery for HP Jornada 560, Jornada 564, Jornada 565, Jornada 567, Jornada 568, Jornada F2901A
HPCS-JR680SL   Battery for HP Jornada 680, Jornada 680e, Jornada 690, Jornada 690e, Jornada 710, Jornada 720, Jornada 728
HPCS-JR928SL   Battery for HP Jornada 820 - 928 Series (Internal)
HPCS-JR928OL   Battery for HP Jornada 920 / 928 (Outbuilt)
HP-CS-LGT1NB   Battery for HP LB52113B
HP-CS-HZD7000NB   Battery for HP Media Center ZD7000 Series (338794-001, 342661-001, 345027-001, DM842A, PP2182D, PP2182L)
HP-CS-HP1000NB   Battery for HP Mini 1000 Netbook Series 493529-371, STL-CHA-ATL, NBP3C08, FZ441AA#UUF
HP-CS-HPM100NB   Battery for HP Mini 100e, Mini 100e Education Edition
HP-CS-HPM110NB   Battery for HP Mini 110
HP-CS-HQC10NB   Battery for HP Mini 110, Mini 210 Series
HP-CS-HQC10NT   Battery for HP Mini 110, Mini 210 Series
HP-CS-HP1103NB   Battery for HP Mini 110-3000, Mini 110-3100 series
HP-CS-HPM210NB   Battery for HP Mini 210 series
HP-CS-HDM1NB   Battery for HP Mini 210-3000, Pavilion DM1, DM1-4000
HP-CS-HPM311NB   Battery for HP Mini 311-1012TU, DM1, DM2, DM3
HP-CS-HPM510NB   Battery for HP Mini 5101, Mini 5101 FM955UT, FM956UA#ABA, FM978UT#ABA, FM976UT, FM956UT#ABA, FM976UA, FM976UT#ABA, FM955UT#ABA, FM976UA#ABA
HP-CS-CP1700   Battery for HP Mobile workstation NW8000 Series, Business Notebook NC5000 NC6000 Series (278418-B25, 200002-001, 281235-001, 265651-B25, 191259-B21, 289053-001, 291369-B25, 280611-001, 346886-001, HSTNN-IB01)
HP-CS-NC8200NB   Battery for HP NC8000 NW8000 NX9440 Series (372771-001, 381374-001, 398876-001, HSTNN-DB06, HSTNN-DB11, HSTNN-LB11, HSTNN-OB06, HSTNN-UB11, PB992A)
HP-CS-HPT610NB   Battery for HP Omni 10, Pro Tablet 610, HSTNH-Q12C, Tablet 610 G1
HP-CS-HXU155NB   Battery for HP OmniBook 500, 500B, 510 series, Pavilion XU155, ZU175, ZU1155, ZU1175 series (F2098, F2098A)
HP-CS-HCP2019NB   Battery for HP OmniBook 6000, 6100, 6200, XT6200, XT6000 series
HP-CS-DE7500NB   Battery for HP Omnibook 7100, 7150 Series (BAT-30IL, F1450-80002, F1450-80004, F1450A)
HP-CS-HXE3   Battery for HP Omnibook F2000 XE3 Series (F2024, F2024-80001, F2024-80001A, F2024A, F2024B, F2111, F2111-60901, F2193, F2193-80001, F2193-80001A, F3925-60901, F3928H)
HP-CS-HXE2   Battery for HP Omnibook XE2 Series, Pavilion N3000 Series (4UR18650-2-7, F1739A, F1753-60978)
HP-CS-HXE3NB   Battery for HP OmniBook XE3 series
HP-CS-CP1300   Battery for HP OmniBook ZE1000 Series, Pavilion F5000 XF300 series (CGR-B1870AE, F3410-60911, F4486, F4486-60001, F4486A, F4486B, F5398-60911)
HP-CS-NX100HB   Battery for HP OmniBook ZT1000, XZ, XT1000 Series, Pavilion ZT1000 Series (F3172-60901, F3172-60902, F3172A, F3172B, F2299A, F3172-60901)
HP-CS-HPX360NB   Battery for HP Pavilion 11 X360, Pavilion 11-N000, PTN-C115
HP-CS-HPV140NB   Battery for HP Pavilion 14, Pavilion Sleekbook 14, TPN-Q113, Q114, Q115 series
HP-CS-HDM130NB   Battery for HP Pavilion DM1, Probook 3105M Series
HP-CS-HDM3NB   Battery for HP Pavilion dm3 series
HP-CS-NX4800HB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV1000 DV1600 ZE2000 ZT4000 Series (367759-001, 367760-001, 383493-001, 391883-001, 396601-001, 398065-001, 398832-001, EG415AA, HSTNN-IB09, PF723A, PM579A)
HP-CS-HDV2NB   Battery for HP Pavilion dv2, dv2-1000
HP-CS-CV3000HL   Battery for HP Pavilion DV2000 DV6000 Series (HSTNN-IB31, HSTNN-DB31, 432306-001, 411462-141, HSTNN-Q21C, HSTNN-W20C)
HP-CS-CV3000HB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV2000 DV6000 Series HSTNN-IB31, HSTNN-DB31, 432306-001, 411462-141, HSTNN-Q21C, HSTNN-W20C
HP-CS-HDV3HB   Battery for HP Pavilion dv3-1000 series
HP-CS-HDV3NB   Battery for HP Pavilion dv3-1000, dv3-1001TX, dv3-1051xx, dv3-1073cl, dv3-1075ca, dv3-1075us, dv3-1077ca, dv3z-1000
HP-CS-HDV3000NB   Battery for HP Pavilion dv3010TX, dv3100, dv3500 series
HP-CS-HDV6HB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV4-5000, DV4-5099, DV6-7000, DV6-7002 TX, DV6-7099, DV6-8099, DV7-7000, DV7-7099, DV6-7002TX, DV6T-7000, DV6-8000, DV6T-8000, DV7T-7000
HP-CS-HDV6NB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV4-5000, Pavilion DV4-5099, Pavilion DV6-7000, Pavilion DV6-7002 TX, Pavilion DV6-7099, Pavilion DV6-8099, Pavilion DV7-7000, Pavilion DV7-7099, TPN-W109, TPN-W108, TPN-W107, TPN-W106, TPN-P102
HP-CS-HDV4NB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV5 DV6 Series (KS524AA, 462890-541, HSTNN-XB73, 462890-761, HSTNN-XB72)
HP-CS-HDV7HB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV7, HDX18, HDX X18 series
HP-CS-HDV7NB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV7, HDX18, HDX X18 series
HP-CS-HDV8000NB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV8000 Series (395789-001, 395789-002, 395789-003, 396008-001, 403808-001, EF419A, EG417AA, HSTNN-DB20, HSTNN-IB20, HSTNN-OB20)
HP-CS-HDV8000HB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV8000, DV8100, DV8200, DV8300 series
HP-CS-HDV9000NB   Battery for HP Pavilion DV9000 Series (HSTNN-LB33, 434877-141, 432974-001, 416996-441, HSTNN-Q21C, 448007-001, HSTNN-IB40)
HP-CS-HTX200NB   Battery for HP Pavilion TX1000 Series (441131-001, HSTNN-XB76, HSTNN-UB37, 431325-321, HSTNN-XB41, RQ204AA, RQ203AA, HSTNN-OB37, HSTNN-XB37, HSTNN-OB38)
HP-CS-HTX200HB   Battery for HP Pavilion TX1000 Series (HSTNN-UB41, HSTNN-OB38)
HP-CS-HTX200DB   Battery for HP Pavilion TX1000, TX2000 series
HP-CS-HPX361NB   Battery for HP Pavilion X360 , Pavilion X360 13-A010DX, TPN-Q146, TPN-Q147, TPN-Q148, TPN-Q149
HP-CS-NX9110HX   Battery for HP Pavilion ZD8000, ZV5000, zx5000, zv6000 Series (371914-001, EG416AA, 383966-001, 374762-001, 346971-001, 383965-001, 371913-001, 383963-001, 371916-001, 378858-001, 380443-001, 371915-001, 383968-001)
HP-CS-NX9110HB   Battery for HP Pavilion ZD8000, ZV5000, ZX5000, ZV6000 Series (383968-001, 371914-001, 383965-001, 371913-001, 378858-001)
HP-CS-CNX7000   Battery for HP Pavilion ZT3000 ZT3300 ZT3100 ZT3200 Series (337607-001, 337607-003, DG103A, DL615A)
HP-CS-NP60FU   Battery for HP Photosmart R507, R607, R707, R717, R725, R727, R817, R818, R927, R967
HP-CS-HN6490   Battery for HP Presario 2100, 2300, 2500 series
HP-CS-CB3800NB   Battery for HP Presario B3000, B3800 Series (375942-001, 375974-001, APBT01A, APBT01B, APBT01C, HSTNN-A10C, M62044L, W62144L)
HP-CS-HDV32NB   Battery for HP Presario CQ35 series
COMSCS-HCQ620BU   Battery for HP Presario CQ62, CQ56, Pavilion dv4, dv7, G62, G72, Inspiron 9100, XPS M1720 M1730 M2010 Series
HP-CS-NX4800DB   Battery for HP Presario M2000 V2000 V4000 Series (PB995A, 398065-001, 391883-001, 367760-001, PM579A, 398832-001, 396600-001, 383493-001, PF723A, 398752-001, 394275-001, 383492-001, 367759-001, 367769-001)
HP-CS-HP4210NB   Battery for HP Probook 4210S, 4310S, 4311, 4311S
HP-CS-HP4340NB   Battery for HP ProBook 4340s, ProBook 4341s
HP-CS-HP4410NB   Battery for HP ProBook 4410s, 4411s, 4415s, 4416s, 4410t, 4405, 4406, 4412, 4413, 4418
HP-CS-HP4530NB   Battery for HP ProBook 4435s, 4436s, 4530s, 4535s, 4330s, 4331s, 4430s, 4431s, 4530s, 4535s (PR06, PR09, QK646AA, LC32BA122, HSTNN-Q88C-4, HSTNN-OB2R, HSTNN-I99C-3, 633733-1A1, 3ICR19/66-2)
HP-CS-HP4510NB   Battery for HP Probook 4510s, 4515s, 4710s
HP-CS-HP5220NB   Battery for HP ProBook 5220m
HP-CS-HPG640NB   Battery for HP ProBook 640 G1, ProBook 640, ProBook 645, ProBook 655, ProBook 650 G1
HP-CS-HPG213SL   Battery for HP Slate 7, G2 1311
HP-CS-HPS210NB   Battery for HP Slatebook x2, Slatebook x2 10-H010NR, TPN-Q127
HP-CS-HPS130NB   Battery for HP Spectre 13, Spectre 13-h202ea x2, Spectre 13-h205eg x2, Spectre 13-H211nr X2
HP-CS-HPC105NB   Battery for HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000eg, TPN-C105
HP-CS-HPX200NB   Battery for HP Split X2 13-G110DX, TPN-W110
HP-CS-HPX213NB   Battery for HP Split X2 13-M000, TPN-Q133
HP-CS-HPE700SL   Battery for HP Tablet 7 1800
HP-CS-HPY410NB   Battery for HP TouchSmart 4, EL04XL, PN-C102, ENVY 4-1000, Envy 4-1042TX, Envy 4-1064TX, Envy 4-1005TX, Envy 4-1004TX
HP-CS-HTM200NB   Battery for HP TouchSmart tm2-2200, TouchSmart tm2t, Touchsmart TM2 Series
HP-CS-HPV133NB   Battery for HP Voodoo Envy 133 series
HP-CS-HPZ150NB   Battery for HP ZBook 15, ZBook 17
HTCCS-DS720SL   Battery for HTC 5800, S720, Libra 100, FUSION, OKTA Boss
HTCCS-HT7576SL   Battery for HTC 7 Pro, T7576
HTCCS-HT8686SL   Battery for HTC 7 Trophy, Spark, T8686, M1, PC40100
HTCCS-HTD816XL   Battery for HTC A5, Desire 816, 816w, 816 Dual SIM, D816w
HTCCS-HT9191SL   Battery for HTC Ace, Desire HD, A9191, T-Mobile myTouch HD
HTCCS-HT6410SL   Battery for HTC ADR6410, ADR6410L, ADR6410LVW, Droid Incredible 4G LTE, Fireball
HTCCS-HT6410XL   Battery for HTC ADR6410, ADR6410L, ADR6410LVW, Droid Incredible 4G LTE, Fireball
HTCCS-HTM1SL   Battery for HTC Andes
HTCCS-PH26BDL   Battery for HTC Blue Angel, Harrier, Gemini
HTCCS-PH26BSL   Battery for HTC Blue Angel, Harrier, Gemini
HTCCS-HTS906SL   Battery for HTC Butterfly S, DLX PLUS, Butterfly S 9060, Butterfly S 9088, Butterfly S 919d, 901S
HTCCS-HTX710XL   Battery for HTC C110e, G20 Holiday, Omega, PH39100, Radar, Raider 4G, Raider 4G LTE, Vivid, Vivid 4G, X710a, X710e, X710s, TELSTRA, Velocity 4G, Google G20, T-Mobile Raider 4G
HTCCS-HTX515SL   Battery for HTC C470, EVO 3D, EVO 4G, G17, PG86100, Pyramid, Rider, Shooter, X515, X515d, X515e, X515M
HTCCS-HTA810SL   Battery for HTC Chacha, Chacha A810E, PH06130, G16
HTCCS-HTD516SL   Battery for HTC Desire 516, Desire 516t
HTC-CS-HTD516XL   Battery for HTC Desire 516, Desire 516t, Desire 516c, Desire 516w, Desire D316, Desire D316d, Desire D516d, Desire D516t, Desire D516w, D316, D316d, D516d, D516, D516c, D516t, D516w
HTCCS-HTD610XL   Battery for HTC Desire 610, Desire D610t, Desire D610n, Desire D610x, A3QHD, D610, D610t, D610n, D610x
HTC-CS-HTD616SL   Battery for HTC Desire 616, Desire 616 Dual SIM, Desire D616w, Desire D616, V3, Desire D616H, Desire D616D, D616w, D616h, D616d
HTC-CS-HTD820SL   Battery for HTC Desire 620, Desire 620G, Desire D620h, Desire D620u, Desire 820 Mini, D820mu, A50M, D620g, D620u, D620h, D820
HTCCS-HTE100XL   Battery for HTC Desire 700, Desire 709d
HTC-CS-HTA320SL   Battery for HTC Desire C, Golf, A320E
HTCCS-HTD200SL   Battery for HTC Desire C, Golf, A320E, Desire 200, Desire 200 102e, G2, PO60100
HTCCS-HTD310XL   Battery for HTC Desire D310w, Desire D310, Desire D310f, Desire 310
HTCCS-HTS510SL   Battery for HTC Desire S, S510E, Saga, PG88100
HTC-CS-HTS510XL   Battery for HTC Desire S, S510E, Saga, PG88100, Salsa, C510e, G15, C510, Rhyme, S510b, Bliss
HTCCS-HTV328SL   Battery for HTC Desire V, Desire VC, T328W, T328d, T328T
HTC-CS-HT7272ML   Battery for HTC Desire Z, A7272, Vision, BB96100, PC10100, 7 Mozart, F5151, T-Mobile G2, T8698, Mozart, Freestyle
HTCCS-HT7272SL   Battery for HTC Desire Z, A7272, Vision, BB96100, PC10100, T-Mobile G2
HTCCS-HT7272XL   Battery for HTC Desire Z, A7272, Vision, BB96100, PC10100, T-Mobile G2
HTCCS-HT8181SL   Battery for HTC Desire, Desire US, Bravo, A8181
HTCCS-HDM100SL   Battery for HTC Diamond, Touch Diamond, Diamond 140, Victor, Diamond 100, P3700, P3702, P3701, P3100
HTCCS-HDE160SL   Battery for HTC Dream, Dream 100
HTCCS-HT6350SL   Battery for HTC Droid Incredible 2, Droid Incredible II, ADR6350, ADR6350VW
HTCCS-HT6350XL   Battery for HTC Droid Incredible 2, Droid Incredible II, ADR6350, ADR6350VW
HTCCS-HTE100SL   Battery for HTC e1, 603e, CSN, HTX21UAA, Infobar A02
HTCCS-HT8610BL   Battery for HTC EVO 3D, Pyramid, T-Mobile Sensation 4G, Shooter, BG86100, PG86100, Sprint EVO 3D (With Black Color Back Cover)
HTCCS-HT8610SL   Battery for HTC EVO 3D, Pyramid, T-Mobile Sensation 4G, Shooter, PG86100
HTC-CS-HTX720SL   Battery for HTC EVO 4G LTE, EVO One, One XC, X720d
HTCCS-HT9292WL   Battery for HTC EVO 4G, A9292, Supersonic Extended With White Color Back Cover
HTCCS-HT6100SL   Battery for HTC EVO Shift 4G, Knight, Speedy, PG06100
HTCCS-HTF331SL   Battery for HTC First, First Facebook
HTCCS-HTP510SL   Battery for HTC Flyer, P510E
HTCCS-P100SL   Battery for HTC Galaxy
HTCCS-HTN160SL   Battery for HTC H4242
HTCCS-HDM55SL   Battery for HTC HD Mini, T5555
HTCCS-HT8585SL   Battery for HTC HD2, T8585, Leo, Leo 100
HTCCS-HTD7SL   Battery for HTC HD7, HD3, T9292, PD29110
HTC-CS-HTD3XL   Battery for HTC HD7, HD7s, HD3, T9292, T9295, PD29110, Wildfire S, PG76100, Marvel, Explorer
HTCCS-HDE190SL   Battery for HTC Hero, Hero 100, Hero 130, A6262
HTCCS-PH17BSL   Battery for HTC Himalaya, Alpine, Mont Blanc
HTCCS-HT3213SL   Battery for HTC Incredible S, Incredible S S710E, S710E, PG32130
HTCCS-DS640SL   Battery for HTC Iris, S640, Iris 100

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