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HTCCS-HTD310XL   Battery for HTC Desire D310w, Desire D310, Desire D310f, Desire 310
HTCCS-HTS510SL   Battery for HTC Desire S, S510E, Saga, PG88100
HTC-CS-HTS510XL   Battery for HTC Desire S, S510E, Saga, PG88100, Salsa, C510e, G15, C510, Rhyme, S510b, Bliss
HTCCS-HTV328SL   Battery for HTC Desire V, Desire VC, T328W, T328d, T328T
HTC-CS-HT7272ML   Battery for HTC Desire Z, A7272, Vision, BB96100, PC10100, 7 Mozart, F5151, T-Mobile G2, T8698, Mozart, Freestyle
HTCCS-HT7272SL   Battery for HTC Desire Z, A7272, Vision, BB96100, PC10100, T-Mobile G2
HTCCS-HT7272XL   Battery for HTC Desire Z, A7272, Vision, BB96100, PC10100, T-Mobile G2
HTCCS-HT8181SL   Battery for HTC Desire, Desire US, Bravo, A8181
HTCCS-HDM100SL   Battery for HTC Diamond, Touch Diamond, Diamond 140, Victor, Diamond 100, P3700, P3702, P3701, P3100
HTCCS-HDE160SL   Battery for HTC Dream, Dream 100
HTCCS-HT6350SL   Battery for HTC Droid Incredible 2, Droid Incredible II, ADR6350, ADR6350VW
HTCCS-HT6350XL   Battery for HTC Droid Incredible 2, Droid Incredible II, ADR6350, ADR6350VW
HTCCS-HTE100SL   Battery for HTC e1, 603e, CSN, HTX21UAA, Infobar A02
HTCCS-HT8610BL   Battery for HTC EVO 3D, Pyramid, T-Mobile Sensation 4G, Shooter, BG86100, PG86100, Sprint EVO 3D (With Black Color Back Cover)
HTCCS-HT8610SL   Battery for HTC EVO 3D, Pyramid, T-Mobile Sensation 4G, Shooter, PG86100
HTC-CS-HTX720SL   Battery for HTC EVO 4G LTE, EVO One, One XC, X720d
HTCCS-HT9292WL   Battery for HTC EVO 4G, A9292, Supersonic Extended With White Color Back Cover
HTCCS-HT6100SL   Battery for HTC EVO Shift 4G, Knight, Speedy, PG06100
HTCCS-HTF331SL   Battery for HTC First, First Facebook
HTCCS-HTP510SL   Battery for HTC Flyer, P510E
HTCCS-P100SL   Battery for HTC Galaxy
HTCCS-HTN160SL   Battery for HTC H4242
HTCCS-HDM55SL   Battery for HTC HD Mini, T5555
HTCCS-HT8585SL   Battery for HTC HD2, T8585, Leo, Leo 100
HTCCS-HTD7SL   Battery for HTC HD7, HD3, T9292, PD29110
HTC-CS-HTD3XL   Battery for HTC HD7, HD7s, HD3, T9292, T9295, PD29110, Wildfire S, PG76100, Marvel, Explorer
HTCCS-HDE190SL   Battery for HTC Hero, Hero 100, Hero 130, A6262
HTCCS-PH17BSL   Battery for HTC Himalaya, Alpine, Mont Blanc
HTCCS-HT3213SL   Battery for HTC Incredible S, Incredible S S710E, S710E, PG32130
HTCCS-DS640SL   Battery for HTC Iris, S640, Iris 100
HTCCS-HTX920XL   Battery for HTC J butterfly, HTL21, X920, X920e, Droid DNA, J DNA, Deluxe X920e, Droid Incredible X, ADR6435, DLX, Droid DNA, HTC6435LVW
HTC-CS-HTZ321SL   Battery for HTC J Z321e, J ISW13HT, Nippon, z321e, ISW13HT
HTCCS-HTZ321XL   Battery for HTC J Z321e, J ISW13HT, Nippon, z321e, ISW13HT, PK07110, HTI13, Valente WX, One J
HTC-CS-HTP715SL   Battery for HTC Jetstream, Puccini, P715a, Jetstream 10.1
HTCCS-DC750SL   Battery for HTC Kii 100, Juno, Phoebus
HTCCS-HT6363SL   Battery for HTC Legend, A6363, Droid Eris, Droid Eris, Droid Eris 6200, G6
HTCCS-HT6363XL   Battery for HTC Legend, A6363, Droid Eris, Droid Eris, Droid Eris 6200, G6, Incredible, Incredible PB31200, ADR6300, Wildfire, A3333, A6388, Buzz, A3333, A6365, Bee, Wildfire 6225, ADR6225
HTCCS-HTM800XL   Battery for HTC M8, M8x, One Max, M8 Ace, One Vogue Edition
HTCCS-HDE180SL   Battery for HTC Magic, A6161, Sapphire, Sapphire 100, Pioneer
HTCCS-PM16AML   Battery for HTC Magician, Prophet, Magician Refresh, Charmer
HTCCS-PM16ASL   Battery for HTC Magician, Prophet, Magician Refresh, Charmer
HTCCS-HT6325SL   Battery for HTC Merge, Lexikon, ADR6325, Slider, PD42100, Mytouch 4G
HTCCS-QT8600SL   Battery for HTC MTeoR, Breeze, Breeze 100, Breeze 160
HTCCS-HT6325XL   Battery for HTC Mytouch 4G, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt 4G, ADR6400
HTCCS-HTM803XL   Battery for HTC One Max, One Max 8060, One Max LTE, T6, HTC6600LVW, 809d, 803S
HTC-CS-HTB640XL   Battery for HTC One Mini 2, M5, One M8 Mini, 0P6B640, 0P8B200
HTCCS-HTC601XL   Battery for HTC One Mini, M4, One mini LTE 601s, One mini LTE NA, One mini LTE 601n, One mini HSPA 601e, 601S, 601N, 601E, 603e
HTCCS-HTT528SL   Battery for HTC One ST, One SU, One SC, T528t, T528d, T528W, PM60120
HTCCS-HTT528XL   Battery for HTC One ST, One SU, One SC, T528t, T528d, T528W, PM60120, One SV, C520e
HTC-CS-HTT320SL   Battery for HTC One V, T320, T320e, Primo
HTCCS-HTV800SL   Battery for HTC One VX, Totem C2, V8
HTC-CS-HTS720SL   Battery for HTC One X, One XT, Supreme, Endeavor, S720e, S720t, One X LTE, G23 (Original)
HTCCS-HTT801SL   Battery for HTC One, One 801e, One 801n, One LTE, One 802d, One 802t, M7, HTL22, One 801n Nexus Experience
HTCCS-DM700SL   Battery for HTC P3300, P3350, Artemis, Artemis 160, Artemis 200, Love, Polaris
HTCCS-WIZA16SL   Battery for HTC P3400, P3400i, P4300, 8100, 81525, Gene, Gene 100, Wizard, Wizard 100, Wizard 110, Wizard 200, Wave
HTCCS-TP3470SL   Battery for HTC P3470, P3479, Pharos, Pharos 100
HTCCS-DD810SL   Battery for HTC P3600, HTC P3600i, P4000, P6300, D810X, Trinity, Trinity 100, Panda, Mogul, Titan 100
HTCCS-TP3650SL   Battery for HTC P3650, Touch Cruise, Touch Find, Polaris 100, Polaris 200
HTCCS-DC800SL   Battery for HTC P4350, P4351, Herald 100, Atlas
HTCCS-HTP600SL   Battery for HTC P6000 Census
HTCCS-TP6500SL   Battery for HTC P6500, P6550, Sirius 100, Sedna, Sedna 100
T-MobileCS-HTX515SL   Battery for HTC PG86100, Sensation 4G
HTCCS-HTR700SL   Battery for HTC R7
HTCCS-HTX710SL   Battery for HTC Raider 4G, X710e, Holiday, Omega, G20, Vivid, Raider 4G LTE
HTCCS-HT6425SL   Battery for HTC Rezound, Vigor, ThunderBolt 2, Droid Incredible HD, ADR6425, ADR6425LVW, Rezound 4G LTE
HTCCS-DC700SL   Battery for HTC S620, S621, Excalibur, Excalibur 100, Cavalier
HTCCS-HDS740SL   Battery for HTC S740, S743, Rose, Rose 110
HTCCS-HTZ710SL   Battery for HTC Sensation, G14, Z710e
HTCCS-DX9500SL   Battery for HTC Shift, X9500
HTCCS-DS300SL   Battery for HTC Str Trk, Star trek, Startrek 100, Startrek 160, S420, S411, Erato
HTCCS-HT8290SL   Battery for HTC T8290, Quartz, Max 4G,Yota 4G
HTCCS-HT9188XL   Battery for HTC T9188, Tianxi HuaShan, Tianxi T9188
HTCCS-7070SL   Battery for HTC Tanager
HTCCS-HTX310SL   Battery for HTC Titan, X310E, Sensation XL, X315E, Eternity, Bunyip
HTCCS-DTS3SL   Battery for HTC Touch 3G, Jade, Jade 100, T3232, Touch T3238, Touch Cruise 2009, Touch Cruise II, Iolite 100, Fuwa, Twin 100, Touch Flo 3D, T4242
HTCCS-HTP160SL   Battery for HTC Touch Diamond 2, Topaz 100, T5353
HTCCS-HTN200SL   Battery for HTC Touch Dual 850, Touch Dual P5310, Neon 200, Neon 400
HTCCS-TP5500SL   Battery for HTC Touch Dual, Touch Dual US, Touch Dual P5310, Neon 300, P5500, P5520, P5530, Nike, Nike 100, Nike 200
HTCCS-HT8282SL   Battery for HTC Touch Pro HD, Touch HD T8282, BLAC100, Blackstone, Blackstone 100
HTCCS-HDP100SL   Battery for HTC Touch Pro, T7272, TyTn III, Herman, Raphael, Raphael 100, Raphael 101, Raphael 800
HTCCS-DTS4SL   Battery for HTC Touch Viva, Opal, Opal 100, T2222, T2223
HTCCS-DTS1SL   Battery for HTC Touch, P3050, P3450, P3452, Elf, Vogue 100, Elfin, Elfin 100, VX6900, Elfin 200 Elf 300
HTCCS-TP4550SL   Battery for HTC TyTN II, P4550, Kaiser, Kaiser100, Kaiser 110, Kaiser 120, Kaiser 140
HTCCS-AP6700SL   Battery for HTC TyTn, P4500, Apache, Hermes, Hermes 100, Hermes 160, Hermes 200
HTCCS-EXECSL   Battery for HTC Universal
HTCCS-DC730SL   Battery for HTC VOX, S710, S711, S730, S630, Wings 100
HTCCS-XDAISL   Battery for HTC Wayllaby, Space Needle, Pocket PC Phone, 9500
HTCCS-HTA510XL   Battery for HTC Wildfire S, PG76100, A510e, Marvel
HTCCS-HTA620XL   Battery for HTC Windows Phone 8S, PM59100, A620e, A620t, A620
HTCCS-DU1000SL   Battery for HTC X7500, X7510, X7501, Advantage X7500, Advantage X7510, Athena 100, Athena 400, Athena 101, Shangri-La
HTCCS-HDE200SL   Battery for HTC Zoom 2, Dragon, PB99100, Nexus One, G5
Huawei-CS-HUC218SL   Battery for HUAWEI C218
Huawei-CS-HUG710SL   Battery for Huawei A199, Ascend G710
Huawei-CS-HU9501SL   Battery for Huawei Ascend D LTE, U9501L, Ascend D, U9510, U9510I, Ascend D Quad, Ascend D Quad XL, Ascend D1, Ascend HW-01E
Huawei-CS-HUG716SL   Battery for Huawei Ascend D2, Ascend D2-2010, Ascend G716-L070, Ascend D2-0082
Huawei-CS-HUT300XL   Battery for Huawei Ascend G730, Honor 3C, H30-T00, H30-T10, H30-U10, Hinor H30
Huawei-CS-HUM700XL   Battery for Huawei Ascend Mate 7, MT7-TL00, MT7-TL10, MT7-UL00
Huawei-CS-HUM100SL   Battery for Huawei Ascend Mate, MT1-U0
Huawei-CS-HU9200SL   Battery for Huawei Ascend P1 S U9200
Huawei-CS-HUP100SL   Battery for Huawei Ascend P1 XL, U9200E
Huawei-CS-HUP200XL   Battery for Huawei Ascend P2
Huawei-CS-HUP600SL   Battery for Huawei Ascend P6, Ascend P6-U06, Ascend P6-C00
Huawei-CS-HUY210SL   Battery for Huawei Ascend Y210, Ascend Y210C, Ascend Y210-0151, U8685D, Ascend G510, T8951, U8951D, C8813
Huawei-CS-HUY210XL   Battery for Huawei Ascend Y210, Ascend Y210C, Ascend Y210-0151, U8685D, Ascend G510, T8951, U8951D, C8813
Huawei-CS-HUC199XL   Battery for Huawei C199, C199-CL00, Maimang
Huawei-CS-HUC308SL   Battery for Huawei C3308, C2801, C2807, C2601
Huawei-CS-HUC630SL   Battery for Huawei C6300
Huawei-CS-HUC730SL   Battery for Huawei C7300, C7189, C2823, C7260, C2827, C6100, C2822
Huawei-CS-HUV860XL   Battery for Huawei C7600, C5900, U7300, U7310, V830, V860, U5509, U550, C5990, C6000, T5900
Huawei-CS-HUC830SL   Battery for Huawei C8300, C6200, C6110, G6150, G7010
Huawei-CS-HUC881XL   Battery for Huawei C8816, C8816D
Huawei-CS-HUA618SL   Battery for Huawei Calidad, G7206, Modelo, Excelente Calidad, A618
Huawei-CS-HUE573SL   Battery for Huawei E5373, E5375, EC5377, E5330, E5336, E5372
CS-HUE587SL   Battery for Huawei E587 4G, E587 4G Mobile Hotspot Wireless MiFi WiFi Router
Huawei-CS-HUE589SL   Battery for Huawei E589
Huawei-CS-HUJ88SL   Battery for Huawei EZ Cricket J88, Cricket J88B
Huawei-CS-HUG310SL   Battery for Huawei G2201, C3100
Huawei-CS-HUG610SL   Battery for Huawei G6610, G6610v, Para Claro
Huawei-CS-HUG620SL   Battery for Huawei G6620, T1201
Huawei-CS-HU7002SL   Battery for Huawei G7002, C288S, C2205, C2285, C2288, C2860, C5320, C7168, C7188, C2801, C2601, C2008, C2905, C2906
Huawei-CS-HU9508SL   Battery for Huawei Honor 2, Honor II, Honor Quad, U9508
Huawei-CS-HU9508XL   Battery for Huawei Honor 2, Honor II, Honor Quad, U9508
Huawei-CS-HUR600SL   Battery for Huawei Honor 6, H60-L02, Mulan
Huawei-CS-HUX100XL   Battery for Huawei Honor X1, Honor X1 4G
Huawei-CS-HUS700SL   Battery for Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim Tablet
Huawei -CS-HU9000SL   Battery for Huawei ideos X6, ideos U9000, X6, U9000
Huawei-CS-HUM318XL   Battery for Huawei M318, U120, U121 U2800, U2800A, VODAFONE V715 V716, MetroPCS M318
Huawei-CS-HUM318SL   Battery for Huawei M318, U120, U121 VODAFONE V715 V716, MetroPCS M318
Huawei-CS-HUM328SL   Battery for Huawei M328
Huawei-CS-HUM615SL   Battery for Huawei M615, Pillar M615
Huawei -CS-HUM660SL   Battery for Huawei M660, Ascend G300, U8815
Huawei -CS-HUM660XL   Battery for Huawei M660, Ascend G300, U8815
Huawei-CS-HUM750SL   Battery for Huawei M750, U7519, M228, T-Mobile Tap
Huawei-CS-HUS100SL   Battery for Huawei MediaaPad 10FHD, S10, S101U, S101L, S102U
Huawei-CS-HUS800SL   Battery for Huawei Mediapad M1 8.0, S8-301L, S8-701w, S8-701u, S8-303L, S8-306L, S8-301U, S8-301w, S8-303L S8-301L, EE Eagle, EE Eagle 4G LTE
Huawei-CS-HUX170SL   Battery for Huawei Mediapad X1 7.0, 7D-501L, 7D-501U, Mediapad X1 7.0 LTE, 7D-503LT, Mediapad X1 7.0 3G
Huawei-CS-HUS730SL   Battery for Huawei MediaPad, MediaPad 7 Lite, S7-301U, T-Mobile Springboard
Huawei-CS-HUE583SL   Battery for Huawei Mifi E583C Wireless Pointer, R201
Huawei-CS-HUP700XL   Battery for Huawei P7, Sophia
Huawei-CS-HUS860SL   Battery for Huawei S8600
LG-CS-HUT211SL   Battery for Huawei T2211, T5211, T1600, T2281
Huawei-CS-HU1300SL   Battery for Huawei U1300, U1310, U3300, U3310, Vodafone V720, V725, VF720, VF725
Huawei-CS-HUV735SL   Battery for Huawei U6100, V735, V736
Huawei-CS-HU8150SL   Battery for Huawei U8150, IDEOS, C8500, V845
Huawei-CS-HU8650XL   Battery for Huawei U8650, C8650, IDEOS U8650, Sonic
Huawei-CS-HU8650SL   Battery for Huawei U8650, IDEOS U8650, Sonic
Huawei-CS-HU8832SL   Battery for Huawei U8832, U8832D, U8520
Huawei-CS-HU8832XL   Battery for Huawei U8832, U8832D, U8520
Huawei-CS-HU8832HL   Battery for Huawei U8832, U8832D, U8520, Ascend G500D, Panama
Huawei-CS-HU8860SL   Battery for Huawei U8860, Honor, Glory
Huawei-CS-HU8860XL   Battery for Huawei U8860, Honor, Glory
Huawei-CS-HU9500SL   Battery for Huawei U9500, U9500e, Ascend D1 XL
Huawei-CS-HUV710SL   Battery for HUAWEI V710
Huawei-CS-HUV810SL   Battery for HUAWEI V810, T7200, U7200
Huawei-CS-HUY300SL   Battery for Huawei Y300, Y300C, U8833, Y500, T8833
Huawei-CS-HUY300XL   Battery for Huawei Y300, Y300C, U8833, Y500, T8833, Ascend Y300-0100, U8833, Asura, Y300, Y500, T8833, Y300-0151, Y500-T00, W1, W1, W1-U00, Y511, Y511-T00, Y511-U00, W1-C00
VAC-CS-HAT220VX   Battery for Husqvarna Automower G2 2004-2006, Automower 210C, Automower 220AC, Automower 230ACX, Automower SH, Automover 260ACX
Huawei-CS-HUC100SL   Battery for Huwei C2600, C2606, C2800, C2808, C2809, C7100, C7199, C2605, C2900, C3305, C5100, C5588
Huawei-CS-HUC560SL   Battery for Huwei C5600, C5110, C5700, C5720
Huawei-CS-HUS710SL   Battery for Huwei IDEOS S7 Tablet, IDEOS S7-105, SmarKit S7
Hyperdata-CS-CLD400HB   Battery for Hyperdata 4700, D470W (QXS-BAT-ION)
Hyperdata-CS-MT8630NB   Battery for Hyperdata 8640D, 8640D4, 8640DH, 8640SH (442680700001, 821561, CGR-B/T19SE-MSL, NBP001310-00 4426746100001, 7004690000, 7022560000)
Hyperdata-CS-UWN243NB   Battery for Hyperdata N243, N244 (23-U74201-31, 23-U74204-00, 23-U74204-10, 23-UB0201-20, 23-UD3202-00, 243-4S4400-S2M1, BAT-243S1, UN243, UN243S, UN243S1-T, UN243S8, UN243S8-P)
TWRHYTCS-HTC320TX   Battery for HYT TC-320
TWRHYT-CS-HTC500TW   Battery for HYT TC-500
TWRHYT-CS-HTC700TW   Battery for HYT TC-700, TC-700U, TC-780
Hyundai-CS-AU8100SL   Battery for Hyundai 1100
Hyundai -CS-HU120SL   Battery for Hyundai 120
Hyundai -CS-AU3300SL   Battery for Hyundai 130
Hyundai -CS-HU200SL   Battery for Hyundai 200
Hyundai -CS-HU310SL   Battery for Hyundai 310E
Hyundai -CS-HU3500SL   Battery for Hyundai 3500
Hyundai -CS-HU3600SL   Battery for Hyundai 3600
Hyundai -CS-HU4000SL   Battery for Hyundai 4000
Hyundai -CS-HU600SL   Battery for Hyundai 600
Hyundai -CS-HU610SL   Battery for Hyundai 610
Hyundai -CS-HU810SL   Battery for Hyundai 810E
HyundaiCS-SP230SL   Battery for Hyundai A100
Hyundai -CS-HU300SL   Battery for Hyundai A300, A100
Hyundai -CS-HU100SL   Battery for Hyundai H100
Hyundai -CS-HU201SL   Battery for Hyundai R201
Hyundai-CS-AU8200SL   Battery for Hyundai TS21B
Hyundai-CS-AU8910SL   Battery for Hyundai TX115C
iAudioCS-SFM6SL   Battery for i-Audio X5L (30G)
iBlueCS-XEW01SL   Battery for i-Blue 737 747 757 757 Pro BT-Q1000P BA-01
iBlueCS-ITB820SL   Battery for i-Blue 820 821
iBlueCS-ITM5SL   Battery for i-Blue PS3200
iMCS-MUF810SL   Battery for i-Mate 810-F
iMCS-PM16AML   Battery for i-mate Jam, Jam back, Jamin, New JAM
iMCS-PM16ASL   Battery for i-mate Jam, Jam back, Jamin, New JAM
iMCS-MUA201SL   Battery for i-mate JAMA 201, P306
iMCS-UBP30SL   Battery for i-mate JAMA, JAMA 101, P30
iMCS-UB601SL   Battery for i-mate JAQ
iMCS-UB501SL   Battery for i-mate JAQ3, TechFaith Perai 850, TechFaith Pebble
iMCS-AP6700SL   Battery for i-mate JASJAM
iMCS-EXECSL   Battery for i-mate Jasjar
iMCS-WIZA16SL   Battery for i-mate K-Jam
iMCS-IMA02SL   Battery for i-mate PDA-L, PDAL
iMCS-P100SL   Battery for i-mate PDA-N
iMCS-PH26BDL   Battery for i-mate PDA2K, PDA2K EVDO

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