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Motorola-CS-MOI830SL   Battery for Motorola Nextel i830, i833, i835, i836
CDP-CS-BT446CL-3   Battery for Motorola OJO, PVP-1000
TWRMOT-ADSM-8148   Battery for Motorola P110
TWRMOT-ADSM-8148H   Battery for Motorola P110
TWRMOT-ADSM-9049   Battery for Motorola P1225
TWRMOT-ADSM-9049H   Battery for Motorola P1225
TWRMOT-ADSM-5521   Battery for Motorola P200, P210
TWRMOT-ADSM-5521H   Battery for Motorola P200, P210
TWRMOT-CS-HTP200TW   Battery for Motorola P200, P210, HT600, MTX800, MTX900, MT1000, HT800
TWRMOT-CS-HTP210TW   Battery for Motorola P200, P210, HT600, MTX800, MTX900, MT1000, HT800
TWRMOT-ADSM-9027   Battery for Motorola P50, P50+
TWRMOT-ADSM-9027H   Battery for Motorola P50, P50+
Motorola-CS-MOV3SL   Battery for Motorola PEBL U6, RAZR V3, Razr V3c, Razr V3i, RAZR V3m, V3, V235, V3xx, V3IM
Motorola -CS-MOB855SL   Battery for Motorola Photon 4G, MB855
Motorola-CS-MXT685XL   Battery for Motorola Pro, Pro+, Pro Plus, XT685
TWRMOT-ADSM-9044   Battery for Motorola PRO1150, SPIRIT, SP10, SP21
TWRMOT-ADSM-9044H   Battery for Motorola PRO1150, SPIRIT, SP10, SP21
TWRMOT-ADSM-4018H   Battery for Motorola PRO3150, CT250, 450, GP308
TWRMOT-ADSM-4018HL   Battery for Motorola PRO3150, CT250, 450, GP308
TWRMOT-ADSM-9008H   Battery for Motorola PRO5150, 7150, 9150, HT750, 1250, 1550,GP328, 320, 340, 380
TWRMOT-ADSM-9008HL   Battery for Motorola PRO5150, 7150, 9150, HT750, 1250, 1550,GP328, 320, 340, 380
Motorola-CS-MQA30SL   Battery for Motorola QA30, Hint QA30
MULS-CS-MOR260SL   Battery for Motorola R2600, R2660, R2670, PMB3.6b
TWRMOT-CS-HTP110TW   Battery for Motorola Radius P110
TWRMOT-CS-MTP122TW   Battery for Motorola Radius P1225, Radius P50, Radius P1225 LS
Motorola-CS-MXT902SL   Battery for Motorola RAZR I, MT788, XT890, Eelectrify M, Scorpion Mini, XT901, XT907, DROID RAZR M, XT907, XT905, RAZR M 201M, XT902, DROID RAZR M 4G LTE, Droid Razr I, XT980
Motorola-CS-MOV9SL   Battery for Motorola RAZR2, V8, V9, V9m, PEBL2 U9, RAZR2 V8, RAZR2 V9M
TWRMOT-ADSM-4592H   Battery for Motorola Saber, Astro Saber, MX1000
Motorola-CS-MXT110SL   Battery for Motorola Shamu, XT1100, XT1103, XT1115
Motorola -CS-MOE8SL   Battery for Motorola SLVR L9, SLVR L71, SLVR L7e, W510, SLVR L72, ROKR E8, MOTO VU204, MOTO Z6c, RAZR V3 maxx, Q700
TWRMOT-ADSM-9018   Battery for Motorola SP50 (Standard)
TWRMOT-ADSM-9018H   Battery for Motorola SP50 (Standard)
TWRMOT-CS-UPS801TW   Battery for Motorola SPS801, SPS802, SPH155, SPH155DT, SPU454
TWRMOT-CS-UPS802TW   Battery for Motorola SPS801, SPS802, SPH155, SPH155DT, SPU454
Motorola-CS-MOT328SL   Battery for Motorola StarTac 306, 307, 308, 328, 3000, 6000, 6500, 7760, ST7762, ST7790
TWRMDCS-MTV700TW   Battery for Motorola SX700R, FV700R, M370H1A
TWRMOCS-MTV700TW   Battery for Motorola SX700R, M370H1A
TWRMOCS-MTV300TW   Battery for Motorola SX800, FV700, SX500R, SX800R, SX900R, FV300, FV500 FV700R, SX600, SX900
Motorola-CS-MOT180SL   Battery for Motorola T180, T180e, T182, T300
Motorola -CS-T182CSL   Battery for Motorola T182C
Motorola-CS-MOT190ML   Battery for Motorola T190, T191
Motorola-CS-MOT190SL   Battery for Motorola T190, T191
Motorola-CS-MOT192SL   Battery for Motorola T192, T193, T193m
Motorola-CS-MOT2288SL   Battery for Motorola T2088, T2260, V2267, V2282, V2290, V2297, V2397, T2298, M2090, T2282
Motorola-CS-MOT2688SL   Battery for Motorola T2688, T2689, T2988, T205
CDP-CS-UT3101CL-5   Battery for Motorola T31, T3101, T3151
Motorola-CS-MOT360SL   Battery for Motorola T360
TWRMOCS-MTV500TW   Battery for Motorola TalkAbout T4800, T4900, T5000, T5025, T5100, T5200, T5300, T5320, T5400, T5410
TWRMOT-ADSM-3615H   Battery for Motorola Talkabout T5320, 5400, 5420, 5600, 5620, 5700, 5710, 5720, 5800, 5820, 5950
TWRMOCS-MTV600TW   Battery for Motorola Talkabout T6000, T6200, T6210, T6220, T6250, T6300, T6310, T6320, T6400, T6500, T6500R
MotorolaBCCS-MOT550BL   Battery for Motorola TC55
TWRMOT-ADSM-800(SC)   Battery for Motorola Tetra MTH800, MTH650
TWRMOT-ADSM-4047(SC)   Battery for Motorola Tetra MTP700, MTP750
TWRMOT-ADSM-FTN6574(SC)   Battery for Motorola Tetra MTP850
TWRMOCS-MCL110TW   Battery for Motorola TLKR-T5, TLKR-T7, TLKR-T4
Motorola -CS-MWX435SL   Battery for Motorola Triumph, WX435
Motorola-CS-MOV120SL   Battery for Motorola V120, V120C, V120D, V120e, V120x, V120t, V120x
Motorola-CS-MOV50SL   Battery for Motorola V2188, V3688, L2000, 2088, 3690, 3620, P7789, 8160, T189, P7389, V50, V998, L708WINGS, V998+, V8060
Motorola -CS-MOV290SL   Battery for Motorola V290, V291, V295
Motorola-CS-MOV60SL   Battery for Motorola V60c, T280, T280i, V60 series, V620, I90, I95, I85, I50, I30, 270C, i730, i205, I733, T280, i530, I88, P280, i860, p270c
Motorola-CS-MOV66SL   Battery for Motorola V66, V66i, V66c
Motorola-CS-MOV680SL   Battery for Motorola V680, V2680
Motorola -CS-MOV688SL   Battery for Motorola V688, C510, V510
Motorola-CS-MOV690SL   Battery for Motorola V690
Motorola-CS-MOV70SL   Battery for Motorola V70
Motorola-CS-MOA860SL   Battery for Motorola V710, E815, E816, A840, A860, Motorola Hollywood
Motorola-CS-MOV720SL   Battery for Motorola V720, V730
Motorola-CS-GX32SL   Battery for Motorola V750
Motorola-CS-MOV80SL   Battery for Motorola V80, A668, R880
Motorola-CS-MOV51SL   Battery for Motorola V8088, V51, P7689, M6088, V51, V100, V200
Motorola-CS-MOV860SL   Battery for Motorola V860, V870
Motorola -CS-MOV870SL   Battery for Motorola V870
Motorola-CS-MOV878SL   Battery for Motorola V878
Motorola -CS-MOV880SL   Battery for Motorola V880
Motorola-CS-MOV950SL   Battery for Motorola V950 Renegade, i296, i465 Clutch, i335, i680 Brute, i876, i890, ic402 The Blend, ic502 The Buzz, ic602
Motorola-CS-MOE75SL   Battery for Motorola VE75
TWRMOT-ADSM-7395   Battery for Motorola VISAR
TWRMOT-ADSM-7395H   Battery for Motorola VISAR
TWRMOT-CS-MKT394TW   Battery for Motorola Visar
Motorola-CS-MWX350SL   Battery for Motorola WX180, WX280, WX288, WX390, WX395
Motorola-CS-MWX445SL   Battery for Motorola WX445, Citrus, Charm ME511, Charm MB502, Charm ME502, ME502, MB502, ME511
Motorola-CS-MTB410SL   Battery for Motorola Xoom 2, MZ615, MZ616,
Motorola -CS-MXT502SL   Battery for Motorola XT502, XT502 Quench XT, XT502 Greco
Motorola-CS-MXT535XL   Battery for Motorola XT535 Extedned With Black Color Back Cover
Motorola -CS-MXT882SL   Battery for Motorola XT882
Motorola-CS-MXT912SL   Battery for Motorola XT912A, X Phone, Moto X, XT1060, Ghost, XT1058, XT1053
Motorola-CS-MXT926SL   Battery for Motorola XT925, XT926, Verizon, Droid Razr HD
TWRMOT-CS-MTX150TW   Battery for Motorola XTS1500, XTS2500, PR1500, MT1500
TWRMOT-CS-MTX151TW   Battery for Motorola XTS1500, XTS2500, PR1500, MT1500
TWRMOT-ADSM-8923H   Battery for Motorola XTS3000, 3500, 5000
TWRMOT-CS-MXT351TW   Battery for Motorola XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS4250, Tetra MTP200, Tetra MTP300
TWRMOT-CS-MTX300TW   Battery for Motorola XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, Tetra MTP200, Tetra MTP300
TWRMOT-CS-MTX350TW   Battery for Motorola XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, Tetra MTP200, Tetra MTP300
MSI-CS-MSR620NB   Battery for MSI A5000, A6000, CR60, CR700, CX623 Series
MSI-CS-AUF3NB   Battery for MSI M655, M660, M662, M670, M677 Series
MSI-CS-MSX320NB   Battery for MSI MegaBook S271, S270, S262, S260, S250, MS-1006, MS-1012, MS-1013, MS-1057, MS-1058, PX200, PX210, PX211, PR300, PR310, PR320, EX300, EX310, EX320, VR200, VR201, VR210, VR220
MSI-CS-MSU100NB   Battery for MSI Wind U100, U100 Series
MSI-CS-MSU100NT   Battery for MSI Wind U100, Wind U100 series
MSI-CS-MSW110SL   Battery for MSI Windpad 110, 110w, 110W-014US,
MSI-CS-MSX360NB   Battery for MSI X-Slim, X-Slim X320, X-Slim X320-037US, X-Slim X340, X-Slim X340021US, X-Slim X360, X-Slim X400
MSI-CS-MSX360NK   Battery for MSI X-Slim, X-Slim X320, X-Slim X320-037US, X-Slim X340, X-Slim X340021US, X-Slim X360, X-Slim X400
CDP-CS-SDT500CL-3   Battery for MT-D AVM20002434
CDP-CS-P105CL-1   Battery for MURAPHONE KXFG2451
MWGCS-UB401SL   Battery for MWG 401
MWGCS-IP6800SL   Battery for MWG Atom Life
MWGCS-MWV1SL   Battery for MWG Atom V
MWGCS-UB501SL   Battery for MWG UBiQUiO 501
MWGCS-PH17BSL   Battery for MWG XDA II
MWGCS-MWV2SL   Battery for MWG Zinc II
MWGCS-XP06SL   Battery for MWG Zinc II
MylexCS-MYC006SL   Battery for Mylex PCB Raid Cache
Myphone-CS-MYP123SL   Battery for MyPhone 1230
Myphone-CS-MYP650SL   Battery for MyPhone 6500
Myphone-CS-MYP720SL   Battery for Myphone 7230
Myphone-CS-MYP830SL   Battery for Myphone 8830, 8830 TV
Myphone-CS-MYP850SL   Battery for Myphone 8850TV, 8850TV feeling
MULSCS-NR1320SL   Battery for Narva 71320 inspection light
NavGearCS-NGX350SL   Battery for NavGear Motorradnavi SLX-350, TourMate SLX-350
NavgearCS-NGP43SL   Battery for NavGear StreetMate GP-43
NavgearCS-NGP35SL   Battery for NavGear Streetmate GT-35, Streetmate GT-35 3D, GT-35-128MB, GT35, Pearl
NAVIGONCS-NAV2000SL   Battery for Navigon 20 Easy, 20 Plus
navigonCS-NAV2100SL   Battery for Navigon 2100 Max 2120 2120 Max 2210 2110 Max 2200T 2310 2150 Max
NavigonCS-NAV2200SL   Battery for Navigon 2200, 2210, 2200T
NavigonCS-NAV3300SL   Battery for Navigon 3300, 3310, 3310 MAXE, 4310, 4310 MAXE
navigonCS-NAV4000SL   Battery for Navigon 40 Easy, 40 Plus, 40 Premiun
NavigonCS-NAV5100SL   Battery for Navigon 5100, 5100 MAX
NAVIGONCS-NAV7000SL   Battery for Navigon 70 Easy, 70 Plus, 70 Premiun
navigonCS-NAV7210SL   Battery for Navigon 7210, 7310
navigonCS-NAV8110SL   Battery for Navigon 81xx, 8110, 8310
navigonCS-NAV8410SL   Battery for Navigon 8410
NAVIGONCS-NAV3540SL   Battery for Navigon Skyway NAVI-3540, Skyway NAVI-3540 Easy
navigonCS-MIOP350SL   Battery for Navigon Triansonic PNA 4000
navigonCS-NAV7100SL   Battery for Navigon Triansonic PNA 7000 PNA 7000T Triansonic PNA 7100
NavmanCS-ICF15SL   Battery for Navman F15
NavmanCS-ICF20SL   Battery for Navman F20 F20 Euro F30 F40 F40 Euro F50
NavmanCS-ICN510SL   Battery for Navman iCN 510 iCN 520 iCN 530 iCN550
NavmanCS-ICN320SL   Battery for Navman iCN320 iCN330
NavmanCS-ICN750SL   Battery for Navman iCN720 iCN750
NavmanCS-ICN610SL   Battery for Navman N60i Navpix
NavmanCS-N35SL   Battery for Navman PiN 570
NavmanCS-MIO168SL   Battery for Navman PiN Pocket PiN 100 Pin 300
NavmanCS-MIOP350SL   Battery for Navman Pin Praktiker LooxMedia 6500
NavmanCS-ICS20SL   Battery for Navman S20
NavmanCS-ICS30SL   Battery for Navman S30. S50 S70 S80 S90 S90i
NAVMANCS-MIS100SL   Battery for Navman Spirit S100, Spirit S100T, Spirit S150
VAC-CS-NVX750VX   Battery for Neato Botvac 70e, 75, 80, 85
VAC-CS-NVX800VX   Battery for Neato Botvac 70e, 75, 80, 85
VAC-CS-NVX120VX   Battery for Neato XV-12, XV-15
NEC-CS-NEE338SL   Battery for NEC 338, e338
NEC -CS-NE988SL   Battery for NEC 988
NEC -CS-NES988SL   Battery for NEC 988S, ACER G70, Hair 6988
NEC-CS-DB2000SL   Battery for NEC DB2000, DB2100, DB1100, DB1000
NEC-CS-DB4000SL   Battery for NEC DB4000, DB4100, DB3800
NEC -CS-NE5000SL   Battery for NEC DB5000, DB6000
CDP-CS-MD960CL-1   Battery for NEC DECT 1000
NEC -CS-NEC616SL   Battery for NEC E313, E616, C606, C313
NEC -CS-NEN850SL   Battery for NEC e540, N411i, N850, N511i
NEC-CS-NE606SL   Battery for NEC E606
NEC -CS-NEG68SL   Battery for NEC G9, G68
NEC-CS-NES700NB   Battery for NEC LS700/8D, LS700/9D, LS7009D, LS900/8E (M5701, P5413, T5443, W5543, W5173, G9817, H9566, K9343, G9812, 312-0292, 312-0326, 312-0335, 312-0346, 312-0347, 312-0334,)
NECCS-300ESL   Battery for NEC MobilePro 300E
NECCS-P300SL   Battery for NEC MobilePro P300
NEC-CS-AC620   Battery for NEC MS2103, MS2110 (BTP-550P, BAT30N3L, BTP1400, BTP-39D1 )
NEC-CS-NEN100SL   Battery for NEC N100, N108, N109, 3301
NEC-CS-NEN650SL   Battery for NEC N110, N118, N650i, N342i
NEC -CS-NEN150SL   Battery for NEC N150
NEC -CS-NEN160SL   Battery for NEC N160, N168, Jasmine
NEC -CS-NEN190SL   Battery for NEC N190
NEC -CS-NEN200SL   Battery for NEC N200
NEC -CS-NEN208SL   Battery for NEC N208
NEC -CS-NE7000SL   Battery for NEC N21I, N530I, DB7000, N515
NEC -CS-NE3303SL   Battery for NEC N3303
NEC-CS-NEN700SL   Battery for NEC N331i, N700, N708, N710, N232, N590i, A232
NEC -CS-NEN338SL   Battery for NEC N338
NEC -CS-NEN353SL   Battery for NEC N343i, N353i
NEC -CS-NEN355SL   Battery for NEC N355i
NEC -CS-NEN830SL   Battery for NEC N400, N400i, N820, N410, N401i, N830, CLN830, 535, N830
NEC -CS-NEN500SL   Battery for NEC N500
NEC -CS-NE5102SL   Battery for NEC N5102, DAVE
NEC -CS-NE5603SL   Battery for NEC N5603
NEC -CS-NEN600SL   Battery for NEC N600, N600i
NEC -CS-NEN610SL   Battery for NEC N610, N620, 768
NEC -CS-NE6203SL   Battery for NEC N6203
NEC -CS-NEN630SL   Battery for NEC N630
NEC -CS-NEN720SL   Battery for NEC N720, N728, N770
NEC -CS-NEN730SL   Battery for NEC N730
NEC -CS-NEN750SL   Battery for NEC N750
NEC-CS-NEN550SL   Battery for NEC N8000,N22I, N550, N525, N341i, E525, 630i, N341, N223, N8, N570
NEC -CS-NEN810SL   Battery for NEC N810
NEC -CS-NEN840SL   Battery for NEC N840
NEC -CS-NEN910SL   Battery for NEC N910, GV880, CLN910
NEC -CS-NEZ300SL   Battery for NEC N916, N917, Fly Z300
NEC -CS-NEN919SL   Battery for NEC N919
NEC -CS-NEN940SL   Battery for NEC N940
NEC-CS-NE2600SL   Battery for NEC NEX 2600, 2610
NEC -CS-NEP100SL   Battery for NEC P100, P110, P120, AT&T 3160
NEC -CS-NEP700SL   Battery for NEC P688, P700, P701, P760, P761, P81, G8

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