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Samsung -CS-SMR510SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-M520, R500, R510, T519, R610, T729, R500, E480, U100, U108, Z370, A127
Samsung -CS-SMM570SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-M570, Restore SPH-M570
Samsung-CS-SMM950SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-M950, Galaxy Reverb, SPH-M950DAAVMU
Samsung-CS-SMM950XL   Battery for Samsung SPH-M950, Galaxy Reverb, SPH-M950DAAVMU
Samsung -CS-SPH200SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-N200, SPH-N288, SPH-N205
Samsung -CS-SMN240SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-N240
Samsung -CS-SPN400SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-N400
Samsung -CS-SPH1000SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-S1000 / Grey
Samsung -CS-SPH1300SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-S1300 / Silver
Samsung -CS-SM4400SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-V4400
Samsung -CS-SV6500SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-V6500 / Silver
Samsung -CS-SPH9600SL   Battery for Samsung SPH-X9600 / Silver
CDP-CS-SPR5060CL   Battery for Samsung SPR-5050, SPR-5060, Audioline DECT 1000, Thomson T7400, T7500, T7800
Samsung -CS-SMA255SL   Battery for Samsung STH-A205, STH-A255
Samsung -CS-SMA325SL   Battery for Samsung STH-A325
Samsung -CS-SMN255SL   Battery for Samsung STH-N255
Samsung -CS-SMN270SL   Battery for Samsung STH-N270, STH-N275, STH-N205
Samsung -CS-SMN378SL   Battery for Samsung STH-N375, STH-N378
Samsung-CS-SMI405SL   Battery for Samsung Stratosphere i405, SCH-i405, Stratosphere 4G
Samsung-CS-SMU450SL   Battery for Samsung U960, U450, DoubleTake, Intensity, Rogue
Samsung -CS-SMV650SL   Battery for Samsung V650 / Silver
VAC-CS-SMR840VX   Battery for Samsung VC-RA84V, VC-RL84VR, VC-RL84V, VC-RL84VC,VC-RA50VB, VC-RL50VK, VC-RL50V,VC-RL52V, VC-RL52VB, VC-RA52V
VAC-CS-SRS600VX   Battery for Samsung VC-RS60, VC-RS60H, VC-RS62
Samsung-CS-SMI515SL   Battery for Samsung Verizon Galaxy Nexus i515, Nexus 4G LTE, SCH-I515
Samsung-CS-SMI515XL   Battery for Samsung Verizon Galaxy Nexus i515, Nexus 4G LTE, SCH-I515
Samsung-CS-BHT11   Battery for Samsung VL-8888, VL-E34S, VL-E39S, VL-E407S, VL-E47S, VL-E49S, VL-H4200S, VL-H420S
Samsung -CS-SMW109SL   Battery for Samsung W109
Samsung-CS-BP85A   Battery for Samsung WB210, SH100, PL210
Samsung-CS-SSX10NB   Battery for Samsung X05, X10 series (SSB-X10LS3, SSB-X10LS3/C, SSB-X10LS3/E, SSB-X10LS6, SSB-X10LS6/C, SSB-X10LS6/E, SSB-X10LS6S)
Samsung-CS-SMX300SL   Battery for Samsung X300 / Black
Samsung-CS-SMX460SL   Battery for Samsung X460, X468
Samsung-CS-SMX478SL   Battery for Samsung X478, SPH-X475, X470, SCH-X839
Samsung-CS-SMX480SL   Battery for Samsung X480, X488 (3G), X486 / Grey
Samsung-CS-SMX620SL   Battery for Samsung X620, X628 / Silver
Samsung -CS-SMX750SL   Battery for Samsung X750, X650 / Silver
Samsung -CS-SMX800SL   Battery for Samsung X800, X808
Samsung -CS-SMX810SL   Battery for Samsung X810, X818, F310 / Silver, White
Samsung -CS-SMX859SL   Battery for Samsung X859 / Silver
Samsung-CS-SNE303NB   Battery for Samsung XE303C12, XE303C12-A01US, Chromebook Series 3
Samsung-CS-SNP550NB   Battery for Samsung XE550C22, XW550C, XE550C22-A02US, XE550C22-H01, XE550C22-A01US, XE550C22-H02US, XE550C22-H01UK,
SmasungCS-YH820SL   Battery for Samsung YEEP YH-820, YH-820MS, YH-820S, YH-820MW, YH-820MW/XSH, YP-820, YP-820S, YH-820MC, PPSB
SmasungCS-YH925SL   Battery for Samsung YH-920, YH-925 MP3 Player, PPSB0502
SamsungCS-SYJ70SL   Battery for Samsung YH-J70, YH-J70JLB, YH-J70JLW, YH-J70LW, YH-J70SB
SamsungCS-SMC3SL   Battery for Samsung YP-CP3, YP-CP3AB/XSH (4G), YP-CP3, YP-CP3AB/XSH (8G), YP-CP3CB (4G), YP-CP3CB (8G)
SmasungCS-SMK5SL   Battery for Samsung YP-K5, YP-K5J, 503040
SmasungCS-SMQ1SL   Battery for Samsung YP-Q1 4G, YP-Q1 8G, YP-Q1 16, YP-Q2 8G, YP-Q2 16G, SEC-YPQ1(B), YP-Q1CB/XSH
SmasungCS-SMS3SL   Battery for Samsung YP-S3JALY, YP-S3JAGY, YP-S3JAWY, YP-S3JABY, YP-S3JARY, YP-S3AW, YP-S3AW/XSH, YP-S3JA, B32820
SmasungCS-SMT10SL   Battery for Samsung YP-T10JAGY, YP-T10JARY, YP-T10QB/XSH, YP-T10JAB, YP-T10J, YP-T10JR, YP-T10JAU, A157336004752
SmasungCS-SMT8SL   Battery for Samsung YP-T8, YP-T8
SmasungCS-SMT9SL   Battery for Samsung YP-T9, YP-T9+, YP-T9JBAB, YP-T9JBQB, YP-T9JBZB, YP-T9ZB/XSH, 6L0503035, RA611E02AA
SamsungCS-SYH7SL   Battery for Samsung YP-YH7
SmasungCS-SMZ5SL   Battery for Samsung YP-Z5AS, YP-Z5A, YP-Z5AB, YP-Z5F, YP-Z5QB, YP-Z5QS, YP-Z5FZW/XSH, SEC-YP5Z, 6J0601410, HA6568B1AB
Samsung -CS-SMZ105SL   Battery for Samsung Z105
Samsung -CS-SMZ107SL   Battery for Samsung Z107
Samsung -CS-SMZ130SL   Battery for Samsung Z130 / Black
SandiskCS-MPSC240SL   Battery for SanDisk Sansa C200, C240, C250
SandiskCS-MPSE250SL   Battery for SanDisk Sansa e200, e250, e250R, e260, e270, e280
SandiskCS-MPSF350SL   Battery for SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4GB, Sansa Fuze 8GB
SandiskCS-MPSF460SL   Battery for SanDisk Sansa View 8G, 16G, 32G, SMDX10R-8192K-P70
CDP-CS-P303CL-24   Battery for Sanik 3SN-2/3AA30-S-J1
Samsung-CS-SM5230SL   Battery for Sansung S5230, SGH-S5230 Tocco Lite, SGH-S5230 Tocco Lite Edition, SGH-S5230 Tocco Lite Star
CDP-CS-P302CL-5   Battery for Sanyo 23616, 3N270AA(MRX), CAS100, CAS1200, CAS125, CAS130
CDP-CS-P303CL-5   Battery for Sanyo 23618, 3N270AA, 3N270AA (JST), 5471, GESPCH03
CDP-CS-P501CL-9   Battery for Sanyo 23621, 3N-600AA(mtm), CL-410, GES-PCF02, CL-100W, CL-200
CDP-CS-P501HL-10   Battery for Sanyo 23621, 3N-600AA(mtm), CL-410, GES-PCF02, CL-100W, CL-200
CDP-CS-P403CL-10   Battery for Sanyo 3N270AA(MRX)(R) CLT3500 GESPCH06
Sanyo-CS-HN6490   Battery for Sanyo 3UR18650F-2-QC-RT2, 3UR18650P-2-QC-RT
Sanyo-CS-SY6200SL   Battery for Sanyo 6200, 6400, SCP-6200, SCP-6400
Sanyo-CS-SY7500SL   Battery for Sanyo 7500, MM-7500, SCP7500, MM-5600, RL7500
Sanyo -CS-SYC99SL   Battery for Sanyo C99
CDP-CS-CPB9056-2   Battery for SANYO CLTE40, CLTE42
SanyoCS-TY02SL   Battery for Sanyo DY002 MP3 Player
Sanyo -CS-SG1000SL   Battery for Sanyo G1000
CDP-CS-P546CL-4   Battery for Sanyo GES-PC615, SBC SBC-2403, SBC-2432
CDP-CS-P402CL-2   Battery for Sanyo GES-PCF10
CDP-CS-P511CL-2   Battery for Sanyo GES-PCF10
CDP-CS-BPT40CL-3   Battery for Sanyo GES-PCL01
Sanyo -CS-SY88SL   Battery for Sanyo J88, J90
Sanyo -CS-SY95SL   Battery for Sanyo J95
Sanyo -CS-SYM1SL   Battery for Sanyo M1, M-1
Sanyo -CS-SY9000SL   Battery for Sanyo MM9000, MM-9000, SCP-9000 ( Silver )
Sanyo -CS-SYJ98SL   Battery for Sanyo PHS-J98, J98
Sanyo -CS-SY8200SL   Battery for Sanyo PM8200, PM-8200, SCP8200, SCP-8200
Sanyo-CS-SYP200SL   Battery for Sanyo Pro-200, Pro-700
Sanyo -CS-SY1689SL   Battery for Sanyo PT-1689
Sanyo-CS-SY4930SL   Battery for Sanyo RL-4930, RL4930
Sanyo-CS-SY2300SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-200, SCP200, VI-2300, VI2300, C27, SCP-C200
Sanyo-CS-SY2500SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-2500, S1
Sanyo-CS-SY2700SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-2700
Sanyo-CS-SY2400SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-3100, SCP-2400, SCP-7000, SCP-7050, SCP-8400
Sanyo -CS-SY3200SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-3200
Sanyo-CS-SY3200SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-3200
Sanyo-CS-SY3800SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-3800, SCP-6750, Katana LX, Eclipse
Sanyo--CS-SY3810XL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-3810, Mirro SCP-3810
Sanyo-CS-SY3810SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-3810, Mirro SCP-3810
Sanyo-CS-SY4500SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-4000, SCP-4500
Sanyo -CS-SY4700SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-4700
Sanyo -CS-SY4920SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-4920, RL4920
Sanyo -CS-SY5100SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-5000, SCP-5150, SCP-5100
Sanyo -CS-SY5300SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-5300
Sanyo -CS-SY5400SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-5400, SCP-5500, SCP-5455, VM-4500, RL2500
Sanyo -CS-SYP550SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-550
Sanyo -CS-SY6000SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-6000
Sanyo -CS-SY6600SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-6600, KATANA 6600
Sanyo-CS-SY6650SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-6650, SY-KA2, Katana II
Sanyo-CS-SY6780SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-6780, Innuendo
Sanyo-CS-SY4900SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-7200, SCP-4900, RL-2000
Sanyo-CS-SY7300SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-7300, RL-7300
Sanyo-CS-SY7400SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-7400, MM7400, MM-7400, SCP7400,SCP-7400, SCP7300, SCP-7300
Sanyo -CS-SY8100SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-8100, SCP8100, MM-8100
Sanyo -CS-SYP820SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-820, 820
Sanyo-CS-SY8300SL   Battery for Sanyo SCP-8300, SCP8300, MM-8300, MM8300, C26
Sanyo -CS-SYS750SL   Battery for Sanyo SPV-S750, S750
Sanyo -CS-SY218SL   Battery for Sanyo T218X
Sanyo-CS-DBL90MC   Battery for Sanyo VPC-SH1, VPC-SH1R, VPC-SH1GX
Sarabec-CS-SAP121SL   Battery for Sarabec Swing IR, Swing Digital, InfraLight Swing, Swing Digital TV
CDP-CS-BS980CL-4   Battery for Sbc 368B
CDP-CS-CPB483CL-5   Battery for SBC CL905, CL9601D, CL960ID, CL980ID
CDP-CS-P303CL-25   Battery for SBC S60506
Seals-CS-MTS300SL   Battery for Seals TS3
CDP-CS-P303CL-26   Battery for Sears 34953, 34955
SeecodeCS-SVP120SL   Battery for Seecode Vossor Phonebook, Vossor Plus, Mirrow III, Mirrow 3, Vossor V3
PTCS-SDP445SL   Battery for Seiko DPU-3445
PTCS-SPU465SL   Battery for Seiko MPU-L465 Label Printer
CS-SCO160PW   Battery for SENCO Fusion F-15, Fusio F-16A, Fusio F-16S, Fusio F-18, F-15, F-16A, F-16S, F-18
Sendo -CS-8M24SL   Battery for Sendo Sendo X
Sendo -CS-SD200SL   Battery for Sendo D200, S200, S220, S254, S251, P200, S230
Sendo -CS-SD800SL   Battery for Sendo D800
Sendo-CS-8D48SL   Battery for Sendo M500, M525, M550, M551, M570
Sendo -CS-SD300SL   Battery for Sendo S300
HPH-CS-SBW900SL   Battery for Sennheiser BW900, BW900BAT, BW900BA
HPH-CS-SBA015SL   Battery for Sennheiser G2, 2015FM
HPH-CS-SBA300SL   Battery for Sennheiser IS410, IS410 TV, RI410, RS4200, RR4200, IS410TV, RS4200TV, RS4200TV-2, SET 830, SET 830-TVSET 840, SET 900, RI900, RI830, RI830S
HPH-CS-SBP100SL   Battery for Sennheiser OfficeRunner, DW Office, Pro 1, Pro 2
HPH-CS-SBA370SL   Battery for Sennheiser PXC 310, PXC 310 BT, MM 400, MM 450, 450 TRAVEL, 550 Travel, PX 210 BT, PX 360, PX 360 BT, PXC 310, PXC 310 BT, PXC 360 BT
HPH-CS-SBA90SL   Battery for Sennheiser RI100-A/RI100-J, HDI92-P, H200 HDI452-P, HDI91-P1/-P2, HDI1029-PLL8/16, SET-100, SET-100 TV, SET-100 Assistive Listening System, H100, A100A
HPH-CS-SBA150SL   Battery for Sennheiser SET- 20, 820S, 810, 810S, 250J, A200, RI250, HDI302, A200, RS30, RS40, RS45, RS65, RA85, R150, IS150, IS300, 500, IS380, 2500, RS4, RS6, RS8, RS400, RS60, RS65, RS80, RS85, RS2400, HDI 302, 50TV
TWRSQ-ADSS-2000S(SC)   Battery for Sepura TetraSRP2000, SRP3000, SRC3300, SRG3500, SRH3500, SRH3800, SRM3500
TWRSQ-ADSS-2000T(SC)   Battery for Sepura TetraSRP2000, SRP3000, SRC3300, SRG3500, SRH3500, SRH3800, SRM3500
SFRCS-DD810SL   Battery for SFR S 300+
Sharp -CS-GX32SL   Battery for Sharp 550SH, GX-E30, GX31, GX32, GX40, GZ100, GZ200, XERA GZ200, TM-150
Sharp-CS-SX633SL   Battery for Sharp 770SH, 705SH, WX-T81, SX633, V770SH, SX633a, V705SH
Sharp-CS-SX810SL   Battery for Sharp 9010, 8010C
Sharp -CS-SH904SL   Battery for Sharp 904SH
Sharp-CS-SX906SL   Battery for Sharp 906I
Sharp-CS-SX923SL   Battery for Sharp 923SH, 9020C
Sharp-CS-SH932SL   Battery for Sharp 932SH
Sharp-CS-SX940SL   Battery for Sharp 940SH, DM005SH, 942SH, 942SHKT
Sharp -CS-SH006SL   Battery for Sharp AQOUS SHOT SH006, AQOUS SHOT SH003, SH006, SH003, SH-UEA
Sharp-CS-SH002SL   Battery for Sharp AQUOS SHOT 002SH, 002SH
CDP-CS-P501CL-14   Battery for Sharp CL-410, 3600, CL-100W, CL-200, CL-300, CL-400, CL-405, CL-410
CDP-CS-P501HL-15   Battery for Sharp CL-410, 3600, CL-100W, CL-200, CL-300, CL-400, CL-405, CL-410
CDP-CS-P303CL-9   Battery for Sharp CL150, CL155, CL160, CL200, CL250, CL255, CL260
CDP-CS-CPB483CL-6   Battery for Sharp CL905, CL9601D, CL960ID, CL980ID
Sharp-CS-SBL38NB   Battery for Sharp CS50, AL3, AL5, AL50, AL70, AL90 series (CE-BL38)
Sharp -CS-SBTR2SL   Battery for Sharp FX, STX-2
Sharp-CS-SH003SL   Battery for Sharp Galapagos 003SH, 003SH, DM009SH, SHI03, SH8158, SH8158U
Sharp-CS-GX22SL   Battery for Sharp GX10, GX12, GX20, GX-21, GX-22S, GX-i98, GX10i, GX10m, GX13, GX20, GX20c, GX22S, GX23, GX27, GX98i
Sharp-CS-SBL31NB   Battery for Sharp Mebius MC1, MC1-3CA, MC1-3CC, MC1-3CR, MC30F, PC-CL1-5CA, PC-MC1-3CC, PC-MC30F, PC-MC1-3CA, PC-MC1-3CR (CE-BL31)
Sharp-CS-SBL37NB   Battery for Sharp PC-CL1-5ZE (CE-BL37)
Sharp-CS-SBL33NB   Battery for Sharp PC-CL1-9CD (CE-BL33)
Sharp-CS-SBL39NB   Battery for Sharp PC-CL50F, PC-CL50G, PC-CL50P (CE-BL39)
SharpCS-SK2SL   Battery for Sharp PV-100TG
SharpCS-BL31SL   Battery for Sharp PV-BL31, EM-One S01SH
Sharp -CS-SH602SL   Battery for Sharp S602SH, V602SH
Sharp -CS-SH005SL   Battery for Sharp SH-02A, SH-01B, SH-02B, SH-03B, SH-05B, SH-04B, SH-06B, SH-02A
Sharp-CS-SH220SL   Battery for Sharp SH-06A, SH-07A
Sharp-CS-SH502SL   Battery for Sharp SH5010C, SH5018C, SH5020C
Sharp-CS-SX618SL   Battery for Sharp SH6110, SH6110C, SH6118, SH6118C
Sharp -CS-SH7218SL   Battery for Sharp SH7218C, SH7218U, SH803T, SH806T, SH706i, SH706ie, SH706iW
Sharp-CS-SH800SL   Battery for Sharp SH800M, SH800, N49A
Sharp-CS-SH810SL   Battery for Sharp SH80iUC, SH81iUC
Sharp-CS-SH8128SL   Battery for Sharp SH8128, SH8128U, SH8118, SH8118U
Sharp-CS-SH8188SL   Battery for Sharp SH8188U
Sharp-CS-SH901SL   Battery for Sharp SH901iS, SH05, SH902i, V401SH
Sharp-CS-SH009SL   Battery for Sharp SH903i, SH902ISL
Sharp-CS-SX905SL   Battery for Sharp SH905i, SH906i, SH6010C, 823SH, 821SH, 820SH, SH1810C, 930SH, 813SH, WX-T930
Sharp-CS-SH9110SL   Battery for Sharp SH9110, SH9110C, SH6228C, SH6220C, SH6230C, SH7110C, SH802UC, SH7118C, SH6310, W61SH, SH801UC, SH802UC, SH805UC, SH6320C
Sharp-CS-SH9130SL   Battery for Sharp SHA 9130, SHA 9120
Sharp -CS-SX663SL   Battery for Sharp SX663, 920SH, SX862, 922SH
Sharp-CS-SX813SL   Battery for Sharp SX813, 802SH, V902, X813, V801, 902SH, 802, 902, 802, 802SH, 902
Sharp -CS-STM100SL   Battery for Sharp TM100
Sharp-CS-SH402SL   Battery for Sharp V402SH
Sharp-CS-SH501SL   Battery for Sharp V501SH, SH501
Sharp -CS-SH603SL   Battery for Sharp V603SH
Sharp-CS-SH604SL   Battery for Sharp V604SH
Sharp-CS-V903SL   Battery for Sharp V703, V703SH, V902, V902SH, V903, SX313, V903SH, SX833, SX313, WX-T71, WX-T91, V801, V703SH, 703SH, 703SHf, 804SH, 903SH, 905SH, 903
Sharp-CS-BHT11   Battery for Sharp VL-8888, VL-E34S, VL-E39S, VL-E407S, VL-E47S, VL-E49S, VL-H4200S, VL-H420S
SharpCS-BL12SL   Battery for Sharp W-ZERO3, WS003SH, WS004SH
SharpCS-BL13SL   Battery for Sharp W-ZERO3[es], WS007SH, WS011SH
Sharp-CS-SX935SL   Battery for Sharp Waterpoof 935SH, 936SH, 934SH, 933SH, 930SH, DM004SH, 933SH, 930SH, 831SH, 831SHS, 832SH
SharpCS-SL500SL   Battery for Sharp Zaurus SL-5000, Zaurus SL-5000D, Zaurus SL-5500, Zaurus SL-C700, Zaurus C750, Zaurus C760
CDP-CS-CPB500CL   Battery for Siemens 240, 242, CS240, CS242
CDP-CS-CPB400CL   Battery for Siemens 240, 242, SC240, SC242
Siemens -CS-BQ550SL   Battery for Siemens 550
Siemens -CS-BQ650SL   Battery for Siemens 650D
Siemens -CS-BQ660SL   Battery for Siemens 660
Siemens -CS-BQ820SL   Battery for Siemens 820
Siemens -CS-SIA35SL   Battery for Siemens A36, A35, A40, 1118, 1128
Siemens -CS-SIA38SL   Battery for Siemens A38

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