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Toshiba-CS-TO6000   Battery for Toshiba Portege 4000, M200, M205, M400, Pro 6100, R10, R10 Tablet PC, R15, R20, R20, R25, Tecra M4, M7, Tecra TE 2100, TE2000 series (PA3191U-1BRS, PA3191U-2BRS, PA3191U-3BAS, PA3191U-3BRS, PA3191U-4BAS, PA3191U-4BRS, PA3191U-5BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TO7000   Battery for Toshiba Portege 7140CT, 7000, 7020CT, 7220 series (PA3000UR, PA3001U-1BRM, PA2505, PA3000U-1BRS, PA3001, PA2505UR)
Toshiba-CS-TOA602NB   Battery for Toshiba Portege A601, A602, R501, R502, R505, Dynabook NX/76, NXW/78, Portege A600, A605, R500, R600 Series
TSCS-EG500SL   Battery for Toshiba Portege G500
TSCS-EG710SL   Battery for Toshiba Portege G710
TSCS-EG810SL   Battery for Toshiba Portege G810
TSCS-EG900SL   Battery for Toshiba Portege G900, Portege G910, Portege G920
Toshiba-CS-TOR300NB   Battery for Toshiba Portege R300
Toshiba-CS-TP3780NB   Battery for Toshiba Portege T110, T112, T130, T131, T132, T133, Satellite T135, Satellite Pro T135 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOZ830NB   Battery for Toshiba Portege Z830, Z835, Z935-P300, Z935
Toshiba-CS-TOP500HB   Battery for Toshiba Qosmio 90LW, 97K, 97L, G60, G65, G65W, X500-03L, X500-04N, X500-058, X500-067, X500-06C, X500-10Q, X500-10T, X500-10V, X500-10W, X500-10X, X500
Toshiba-CS-TOQF50NB   Battery for Toshiba Qosmio F50, F55 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOX770NB   Battery for Toshiba Qosmio X770, X775
Toshiba-CS-TO1100NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 1100 series (PA3209U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TO3000   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 1200, 3000, 3005 series (PA3098, PA3098U, PA3098U-1BAS, PA3098U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TO1700NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 1730CDT, 1755CE, 1750, 1730, 1710, 1710CDS, 1755CDT, 1735XCDS, 1715XCDS, 1700XCDS, 1755DVD, 1755, 1735, 1715
Toshiba-CS-TO1900   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 1900, 1905 series (PA3166U-1BAS, PA1663U-2BAS, PA3166U, B491, PA3166U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TO1900NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 1900, 1905 series (PA3166U-1BAS, PA3166U-1BRS, PA3166U, B491)
Toshiba-CS-TO2430NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 2430, 2430, 2435, A30, S2430 series (PA3239, PA3250, PA3250U, PA3250U-1BAS, PA3250U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TOP300   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 4280ZDVD, 2180CDT, 2600, 315CDT, 4090XCDT, 440CDX, 1410-S173, 1410-S203, 2410-303, 2800-400, 1410-304, 2250CDT, 4200
Toshiba-CS-TO5100   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 5105-S501, 5000, 5100, 5005, Portege A100 (PA3123U-1BRS, PA3178U-1BAS, PA3178U-1BRS, PA3211U-1BAS, PA3211U-1BRS, PABAS018, B499, PA3178U, PA3178, PA3123-1BAS)
Toshiba-CS-TO5200NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite 5205, 5200 series (PA3216U-1BAS, PA3216U-1BRS, PA3288U-1BAS, PA3288U-1BRS, PABAS025)
Toshiba-CS-TOA100NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite A105, M115, A135, M70, M55, M45, Dynabook AX TX series (PA3451U-1BRS, PA3457U-1BRS, PA3465U-1BRS, PABAS067 )
Toshiba-CS-TOA210NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite A200, A205, A210, A305, M205, M209, T31, Pro A300, Dynabook AX series (PA3534U-1BRS, PA3534U-1BAS, PABAS098)
Toshiba-CS-TOA70NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite A70, A75, P30 P35 series (PA3383, PA3383U, PA3383U-1BAS, PA3383U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TOM40NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite A80, M40, M50, M100, A105, Tecra A3, A7, A6, S2, Dynabook VX TX, Equium M50-164 series (PA3478U-1BRS, PA3399U-2BAS, PA3399U-1BRS, PA3400U-1BRS, PA3399U-2BRS, PA3399U-1BAS, PA3400U-1BAS, PABAS076, PABAS057 )
Toshiba-CS-TOC800NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite C800, C840, C805, C840, C845, L835, L845, P800, M800 S800, S870, S845, S855 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOE200NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite E200, E205
Toshiba-CS-TOL100NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite L100, L35, L10, L30, L20 series (PA3450U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TOL700NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite L700, L730, L735, L740, L750, L755 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOL900NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite L900, L950, L955, L955D, S900, S950, S950D, S955, S955D, U845, U940, U945, U945D, U955
Toshiba-CS-TOM180NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite M18, M19
Toshiba-CS-TOM30   Battery for Toshiba Satellite M30 series (PA3331U-1BAS, PA3331U-1BRS, PA3332U-1BAS, PA3332U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TOM30NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite M30 series (PA3331U-1BAS, PA3331U-1BRS, PA3332U-1BAS, PA3332U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TOM35NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite M30X, M35X, M40X, M45X series (PA3395U-1BRS, PA3421U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TOM60NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite M65, M60 series (PA3431U-1BAS, PA3431U-1BRS )
Toshiba-CS-TOA85NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite M70, A100, A135, M115, M105, A80, A85, A105, Equium M50, Dynabook AX series (PA3451U-1BRS, PABAS067 )
Toshiba-CS-TNB200MB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite NB200, NB201, NB205, Satellite Mini Series
Toshiba-CS-TNB200MT   Battery for Toshiba Satellite NB200, NB201, NB205, Satellite Mini Series
Toshiba-CS-TNB200NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite NB200, NB201, NB205, Satellite Mini Series
Toshiba-CS-TNB200NT   Battery for Toshiba Satellite NB200, NB201, NB205, Satellite Mini Series
Toshiba-CS-TNB300NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite NB300, N302, NB305 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOP100NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite P100 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOP20NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite P20, P25 series (PA3291U-1BAS, PA3291U-1BRS )
Toshiba-CS-TOX200NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite P200, P305, L350, X205, P300, P205 series (PA3536U-1BRS, PA3537U-1BRS, PABAS100)
Toshiba-CS-TOT210NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite T210D, T215, T235 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOT210HB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite T210D, T215, T235, Dynabook MX/, N300, N301, N510, Mini NB500, NB505, NB520, NB550 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOM500NB   Battery for Toshiba Satellite U200, A55, U205, S300, Tecra S3, S10, M5, M7 M9, M10, T10, Dynabook Qosmio F20, TX, T20, M37, MX series
PTCS-SP25-1   Battery for Toshiba TEC B-SP2D Portable Bluetooth Printer
Toshiba-CS-TO8000   Battery for Toshiba Tecra 8000
Toshiba-CS-TO8100   Battery for Toshiba Tecra 8100 series, Tecra 8100A, 8100B, 8100C, 8100D, 8100E, 8100F, 8100G, 8100H, 8100J, 8100K (B411, PA3009, PA3009U, PA3009U-1BAR, PA3009U-1BAT, PA3009UR, PA3009UR-1BAR)
Toshiba-CS-TO8200NB   Battery for Toshiba Tecra 8200 (B412, PA3062U-1BAR, PA3062U-1BAT )
Toshiba-CS-TO9000   Battery for Toshiba Tecra 9100, 4000, 4010, DynaBook SS4400, SS, M3, Tecra 9000, Portege A200, 4005, M100, Satellite 6000 series (PA3176U-1BAS, PA3364U-1BAS, PABAS012, PA3084U-1BRS, PA3176U-2BAS, PA3176U-2BRS, PA3176U-1BRS, PA3084U-1BAS, PA3364U-1BRS)
Toshiba-CS-TOS1HB   Battery for Toshiba Tecra S1
Toshiba-CS-TOS1NB   Battery for Toshiba Tecra S1 Series (PA3248U, PA3248U-1BAS, PA3248U-1BRS )
TSCS-EG008SL   Battery for Toshiba TG01, TG01c, Tsunagi, TG02, TG03
CDP-CS-BPT21CL-1   Battery for Toshiba Toshiba FT-3005, FT-5005, FT-7007BK, FT-9007, RC004288, TRB-5000
Toshiba -CS-TBS10SL   Battery for Toshiba TS10
Toshiba -CS-TBS30SL   Battery for Toshiba TS30
Toshiba -CS-TV904SL   Battery for Toshiba V904T, 811T, 810T, TX8, 813T, 809, 908A
TotexBC-CS-TU8003SL   Battery for Totex U80033
CS-TMR110SL   Battery for TP-Link TL-MR11U, Portable Mini 150Mbps 3G Mobile Wireless Router
CS-LP2102C30R2   Battery for Traxxas
DOGCS-STM27SL   Battery for Tri-Tronics 1016200
DOGCS-SCM103SL   Battery for Tri-Tronics 1038100-D, 1038100E, 1038100-G
PTCS-SCM103SL   Battery for Tri-Tronics 1038100-D, 1038100E, 1038100-G
DOGCS-SDC12SL   Battery for Tri-Tronics 1064000-J, 1064000D
DOGCS-SDC10SL   Battery for Tri-Tronics 190DT, 300DT, 700DI, 700DT, DT700
DOGCS-STD30SL   Battery for Tri-Tronics G3 Field, G3 Pro
MULS-CS-TRM335SL   Battery for Trimble TSCe, GIS TSCe, Range , Rner-00002400, H-075-335-200R-032, TDS, Topcon Range
CS-LI1SL-1   Battery for Trimble 29518 38403 46607 52030 54344 5700 5800 Geoexplorer 3 MCR-1821 MCR-1821C MCR-1821J R7 R7 Receiver R8 R8 Receiver
CS-LI1XL-1   Battery for Trimble 29518 38403 46607 52030 54344 5700 5800 Geoexplorer 3 MCR-1821 MCR-1821C MCR-1821J R7 R7 Receiver R8 R8 Receiver
TrimCS-LI1SL   Battery for Trimble 29518, 38403, 46607, 52030, 54344, 5700, 5800, Geoexplorer 3, MCR-1821, MCR-1821C, MCR-1821J, R7, R7 Receiver, R8, R8 Receiver
MULS-CS-VBF2E   Battery for Trimble Geo Explorer 2, Geo Explorer II, Pro XL, Pro XR, Pro XRS, 4700
TrimbleCS-THS2SL   Battery for Trimble Husky FS2, Husky FS3
DOGCS-TSX100TW   Battery for TriSquare TSX100, TSX 300
CDP-CS-P303CL-28   Battery for Tropez 900DL, 900DX
CDP-CS-CPB9052   Battery for Tropez TRU-C46, TRU-C56
CS-LI1SL-2   Battery for Tsc1 data collector
CS-LI1XL-2   Battery for Tsc1 data collector,
TyphoonCS-MG450SL   Battery for Typhoon My Guide 4300 4500 4500 SD 4500 SD GPS
TyphoonCS-N30SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 2500 2500 GO
TyphoonCS-MG3000SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 3000 3010 3030
TyphoonCS-MG3100SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 3100
TyphoonCS-MIO168SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 3500 mobile 3500Lidl Guide 6500 6500XL
TyphoonCS-N35SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 3600 3610 3610 GO 3620 3620 GO
TyphoonCS-MG420SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 4200, 4228, 4228WE
TyphoonCS-MG4328SL   Battery for Typhoon Myguide 4328, myguide 4328 sat nav, myguide 4328 BT
TyphoonCS-A620SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 5500 5500XL
TyphoonCS-MYG700SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide 7000X, MyGuide 7000XL
TyphoonCS-MG3218SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide m imove 3218 PND 3218
TyphoonCS-EM500SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide M500 My Phone M500 G500 G500+ M600 M600+
TyphoonCS-MG5000SL   Battery for Typhoon MyGuide SilverGuide 5000 SilverGuide 5000 NAV
UBICS-UB401SL   Battery for UBiQUiO 401
UBICS-UB501SL   Battery for UBiQUiO 501
HPH-CS-UBC005SL   Battery for Ultralife UBC005, UBP005, UBC581730
HPHCS-UBC003SL   Battery for Ultralife UBC322030, UBP008
CDP-CS-CPB9054   Battery for Undien CLX465, CLX475-3, CLX485, TCX400, CTX440, WIN1200, ELITE 8805
CDP-CS-CPB9053-3   Battery for Undien ELBT-585, ELBT-595, ELT-560, ELX-500, ELITE 8855, ELITE8815, ELBT595(HNDST), ELT560 (HANDSET), ELX500
CDP-CS-CPB483CL-11   Battery for UNIDEN 1711, 1721, 1731, 1733, 1900, 1901, 1905, 1910C, 1911, 1920C, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1961
CDP-CS-P501CL-15   Battery for Uniden 24-148, AE255, BBTY0300001, BBTY0444001
CDP-CS-P501HL-1   Battery for Uniden 24-148, AE255, BBTY0300001, BBTY0444001
CDP-CS-UT3101CL   Battery for Uniden 3101, 3111, 6030, 6031, 6032, 6041, 6042, 6043, 6051, 6052, 6053, 6110, 6111, 6113, 6121, 8300, 8301, 8310
CDP-CS-UTS145CL   Battery for Uniden 5105, 5145, 5146, LS5105, LS5145, LS5146
CDP-CS-BPT40CL-7   Battery for Uniden ANA9610, ANA9620, EX95, EXP900, EXP905, EXP95, EXP96, EXP9600, , HP9000AT, PHP9000XT
CDP-CS-BP990CL   Battery for Uniden ANA9710, BBTY0373001, BBTY0414001, BBTY0494001, BP2499, BP990, BT2499, BT990, EXP990, EXR2460
TWRUNI-ADSX-BP4   Battery for Uniden APH, APU, PAL Series
TWRUNI-ADSX-BP4H   Battery for Uniden APH, APU, PAL Series
CDP-CS-BPT21CL   Battery for Uniden BBTY-0324001, BT-801, BT-810, BT-811, BT-815, XC-810, XC-815, XCA-550, XE 810, XE 815
UnidenBC-CS-SC150BL   Battery for Uniden BP120, BP150, BP180, BP250, BP-120, BP-180, BP-250, SC-150, SC-180, SC-200, BC-220, BC-230, BC-235XLT, BC-245SLT, BC-250D, BC-296D
CDP-CS-BT446CL   Battery for Uniden DCT6465, DCT6485, DCT7488, DCT746M, DCT746-2
CDP-CS-CPB9056   Battery for Uniden DCX770, DMX776, DMX778 , WDECT 2385, WDECT 2380
CDP-CS-UT1002CL-1   Battery for Uniden DECT 1060, DECT 1060-2, DECT 1080, DECT 1080-2, DCX100
CDP-CS-UT2060CL   Battery for Uniden DECT 2060, DECT 2080, DCX200, DCX200-SLV, DCX200WHT, DECT 1588, DECT 2060-2, DECT 2080-2, DECT 2080-5, WX12077
CDP-CS-P401CL-1   Battery for Uniden DX-AI5188, EXAI-5160, EXAI-5180, TRU-3455, TRU-3466, TRU-3485, TRU-546, TRU-548
CDP-CS-P102CL-1   Battery for Uniden EXT-1460, EXT1460, EXT-1465, EXT1465, TRU-446, TRU446, TRU-446-2, TRU4462, TRU-448, TRU448
TWRCS-UBP380TW   Battery for Uniden GMRS380, GMR885, GMR1038, GMR1448, GMR2059, GMR2099, GMR635, GMR645, GMR8552CK, GMR855, GMR895, MR1048-2CK, GMR1588-2CK, GMR855-2CK, GMR1038
TWRUNI-ADSU-APX1105H   Battery for Uniden SPS801, 802
TWRUNI-ADSU-APX1105HL   Battery for Uniden SPS801, 802
CDP-CS-P303CL-35   Battery for Unison 6080, 6081, 7080
UnitechBC-CS-IT700SL   Battery for Unitech HT660, PA600, PA950, PA966, PA967, PA970
UnitechBC-CS-IT700XL   Battery for Unitech HT660, PA600, PA950, PA966, PA967, PA970
UnitechBCCS-UPA680BL   Battery for Unitech HT680, PA690
UnitechBCCS-UHT850BL   Battery for Unitech HT850
UnitechBCCS-UPA600BL   Battery for Unitech PA600, HT6000
UnitechBC-CS-UPA960BL   Battery for Unitech PA960, PA962, PA963
UnitechBCCS-UPA968BL   Battery for Unitech PA968II
UnitechBC-CS-WDT220BL   Battery for Unitech PT630
CS-MX300RC   Battery for Universal MX-3000, MX-3000i
Uniwill-CS-UTH222NB   Battery for Uniwil N222, N222S, N223
Uniwill-CS-FU1640HB   Battery for Uniwill CS-FU1640HB (255, 259, 245, P71, P72, X72, N245, N255 N259)
Uniwill-CS-UNM30NB   Battery for Uniwill CS-FUD6830NB (N755)
Uniwill-CS-UNX20NB   Battery for Uniwill CS-UNX20NB (X20)
Uniwill-CS-UWN223NB   Battery for Uniwill CS-UWN223NB (223, N223)
Uniwill-CS-UWN243NB   Battery for Uniwill CS-UWN243NB (N243, N244)
Uniwill-CS-UNE100NB   Battery for Uniwill E10, E10IL2
Uniwill-CS-UNE110NB   Battery for Uniwill E11
Unwill-CS-UNL50NB   Battery for Uniwill L50, L50II0, L50II5, L50RI0, L51AI, L51AIx, L51II, L51IIx, L51RI, L51RIx, L53RI0, L70II0 (L51-3S4000-S1P1, 805N00045, 3S4000-G1S2-04, 3S4000-S1P3-04, 3S4000-S1S3-04, 23GL1GF0F-8A, WP-UNL50/3, L51-3S4400-G1P3)
Unwill-CS-UNN251NB   Battery for Uniwill N251C1, N251C2, N251S1, N251S6, N251S7, N251S8
Uniwill-CS-UWN258NB   Battery for Uniwill N258, N258AS, N258AX, N258KA, N258KAO, N258SA, N258SAO, N258SAU, N258SAX
Uniwill-CS-UNT410NB   Battery for Uniwill T410IU-T300AQ, T410TU
Uniwill-CS-UNV300NB   Battery for Uniwill V30
UTCS-AP6700SL   Battery for UTStarcom 6700, PPC-6700, VX6700
UTCS-DD810SL   Battery for UTStarcom 6800, PPC6800, PPC-6800, VX6800
Utstar-CS-PTR801SL   Battery for Utstarcom CDM-8010 VERIZON BLITZ PBR-8010
UTSTARCOM-CS-UT8630SL   Battery for UTSTARCOM CDM-8630, CDM-8960, PCD 8630, COUPE
Utstar-CS-AU8955SL   Battery for UTStarcom CDM-8955, CDM-8955
Utstar-CS-UTF100SL   Battery for UTStarcom F1000, F1000 WiFi
UTCS-DTS1SL   Battery for UTStarcom MP6900, Vogue
UTCS-HDP100SL   Battery for UTStarcom MP6950
Utstarcom-CS-AUE710SL   Battery for UTStarcom Mploa E71, E71 Mini, E1000 Slider
UTCS-EX500SL   Battery for UTStarcom P903
UTCS-BL31SL   Battery for UTStarcom PV250
UTCS-DS720SL   Battery for UTStarcom SMT5800
CDP-CS-CPB9038-3   Battery for V TECH 00-0003-00-00, 40-2420, 40-2421
CDP-CS-P546CL-3   Battery for V Tech 1261, 2425, 2467, 2621, 2652, 5801, 5820, 00-2421, 20-2420, 20-2431, 20-2432, 20-2437
CDP-CS-P403CL-13   Battery for V Tech 239069, 80-1338-00-00, 89-1332-00-00, BT163345, BT17233, BT263345, BT27233, BT27333, CS2111, CS5111-2, CS5121, CS5121-2, CS5121-3, CS5121-4, CS5122-3, CS5211, CS5212, CS5221
CDP-CS-CPB483CL-10   Battery for V TECH 8033280003, 8040320000, 8041340200, 8042800000, 8043140000, 9115, 9121, 9141, 9151, 9155, 9171, 9181, 9241
CDP-CS-VT2032CL   Battery for V Tech VT2032, VT2032WT, VT2032RD
CDP-CS-UT3101CL-4   Battery for V-Tech 8913260000, 8913300100, BATT-6010, BATT6010, BT184342, BT284342, 6035, 6030, 6031, 6032, 6041, 6042, 6052, IP8300
VDOCS-VPN200SL   Battery for VDO Dayton MS2000, MS2100
VDOCS-VPN205SL   Battery for VDO Dayton PN2050
VDOCS-VPN400SL   Battery for VDO Dayton PN4000, PN4000-TSN, BAT-4060
HP-CS-HVP160SL   Battery for Veer, Veer 4G, P160U, P160UEU
ATM-CS-VTF832BL   Battery for Verfone Nurit 3020, 8320
ATM-CS-VFT209BL   Battery for Verifone Nurit 2085U, 2090
ATM-CS-VFT215BL   Battery for VeriFone Nurit 2159
ATM-CS-VFT301BL   Battery for Verifone Nurit 3010
VeriBCCS-VFT800BL   Battery for VeriFone Nurit 8000, 8010, 8000 Wireless Terminal, 8010 Wireless Terminal
VeriBCCS-VFT802BL   Battery for VeriFone Nurit 8020, 802B-WW-M05
ATM-CS-VFT804BL   Battery for VeriFone Nurit 8040
ATM-CS-VFT901BL   Battery for VeriFone TOPAZ
VeriBCCS-VFX610BL   Battery for VeriFone VX610, VX610 wireless terminal
ATM-CS-VFX670BL   Battery for VeriFone VX670, VX670 wireless terminal, vx670 wireless credit card machine
VeriCS-DS720SL   Battery for Verizon 5800, SMT5800, XV5800
CDP-CS-BS980CL-5   Battery for Verizon E9010
Verizon-CS-SMV515SL   Battery for Verizon Galaxy Nexus i515, Nexus 4G LTE, SCH-I515
Verizon-CS-SMV515FL   Battery for Verizon Galaxy Nexus i515, Nexus 4G LTE, SCH-I515 (With NFC Function)
EBCS-PTR291SL   Battery for Verizon Hotspot MHS291LVW, Hotspot MHS291L, 291LVW-7046
VeriCS-HDM100SL   Battery for Verizon Touch Diamond, XV6950
VeriCS-DTS1SL   Battery for Verizon Touch XV6900
VeriCS-HDP180SL   Battery for Verizon XV6175
VeriCS-PH26BDL   Battery for Verizon XV6600
VeriCS-PH26BSL   Battery for Verizon XV6600
VeriCS-AP6700SL   Battery for Verizon XV6700
VeriCS-DD810SL   Battery for Verizon XV6800 XV-6800
VeriCS-HDP100SL   Battery for Verizon XV6850
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB41   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu FT10R, 40R, 50R, VXA-100(Aviation)
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB41H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu FT10R, 40R, 50R, VXA-100(Aviation)
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB12   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu FT23R, 33R, 73R, 411, 811, 911, 470, 2008, 7008
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB12H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu FT23R, 33R, 73R, 411, 811, 911, 470, 2008, 7008
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB14H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu FT23R, 33R, 73R, 411, 811, 911, 470, 2008, 7008
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB21H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu FTH2009, 7009, VX200
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB45H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu FTH2009, 7009, VX200
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB47   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX10, FT10R, 40R, 50R
TWRVER-ADSY-FNB47H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX10, FT10R, 40R, 50R
TWRVER-ADSY-FNBV57   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX110, 150, 160, 180, 210, 400, 800,5 VXA120, 200
TWRVER-ADSY-FNBV57H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX110, 150, 160, 180, 210, 400, 800,5 VXA120, 200
TWRVER-ADSY-FNBV67L   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX160, 180E, 110, 150, 146, 246, 800
TWRVER-ADSS-CNB152   Battery for Vertex Standard C150, 158A, 228A, 528A, 628A, 558A, ADIAT200, 201, 400, 401

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