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BCCS-LS4278BL   Battery for Symbol LS4278
SymbolBC-CS-MC100BL   Battery for Symbol MC1000
SymbolCS-MC170BL   Battery for Symbol MC17, MC17T
SymbolBC-CS-MC30SL   Battery for Symbol MC30, MC3000, MC3070, MC3090, MC3000 Laser, MC3070 Laser, MC3090 Laser, MC30X0 Laser
COMSCS-MC3000BU   Battery for Symbol MC30, MC3000R, MC3090G Series
SymbolBC-CS-MC310BL   Battery for Symbol MC3100, MC3190, MC3190G, MC3190-G13H02E0, MC3190-GL4H04E0A, MC3190-KK0PBBG00WR, MC3190-RL2S04E0A, MC3190-RL4S04E0A, MC3190-SL4H12E0U
SymbolBC-CS-MC310BX   Battery for Symbol MC3100, MC3190, MC3190G, MC3190-G13H02E0, MC3190-GL4H04E0A, MC3190-KK0PBBG00WR, MC3190-RL2S04E0A, MC3190-RL4S04E0A, MC3190-SL4H12E0U
SymbolBC-CS-MC35SL   Battery for Symbol MC35
COMSCS-MC5000BU   Battery for Symbol MC50
SymbolBC-CS-MC50SL   Battery for Symbol MC50, MC5040
COMSCS-MC7000BU   Battery for Symbol MC70
SymbolBC-CS-MC70ML   Battery for Symbol MC70, MC7090, MC7004
SymbolBC-CS-MC70SL   Battery for Symbol MC70, MC7090, MC7004
SymbolCS-MC906BL   Battery for Symbol MC9000 short terminal, MC9000S short terminal, MC9060 short terminal, MC9063 short terminal.
SymbolBC-CS-MC90BL   Battery for Symbol MC9000, MC909X-K, MC9090-K, MC909, MC9060-K, MC9050, MC9000-K, RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader, MC9097, MC9090-G, MC9062, MC9060-G, MC9010, MC9000-G, MC909X-S, MC9090-S, MC9090, MC9060-S, MC9060, MC9000-S, MC9010, MC9060, MC9090
SymbolBCCS-MC950BL   Battery for Symbol MC9500, MC9590, MC9596
SymbolBC-CS-SP360SL   Battery for SYMBOL P360, P370, P460, P470 / Barcode
SymbolBC-CS-PDT3100   Battery for Symbol PDT 3100, PDT 3110, PDT 3120, PDT 3140
SymbolBC-CS-PDT3100CL   Battery for Symbol PDT 3100, PDT 3110, PDT 3120, PDT 3140 with connector
SymbolBC-CS-PDT3300BL   Battery for Symbol PDT-3300, PS200
SymbolBC-CS-PDT3500BL   Battery for Symbol PDT3500, PDT3510, PDT3540
SymbolBC-CS-PDT6100BL   Battery for Symbol PDT6100, PDT6140, PDT6142, PDT6146
SymbolCS-PDT6100BL   Battery for Symbol PDT6100, PDT6140, PDT6142, PDT6146
SymbolBC-CS-PDT6800   Battery for Symbol PDT6800, PDT6810, PDT6840, PDT6846, TR1200, TR1280, TR1285, LDT3500, LDT3805, LRT3800, LRT6800, PDT3800, Spectrum 24 series
SymbolBC-CS-PDT7500   Battery for SYMBOL PDT7500, PDT7530, PDT7534, PDT7540, PDT7542, PDT7546 7.4V
SymbolBC-CS-PDT8000   Battery for Symbol PDT8000, PDT8037, PDT8046, PDT8056
SymbolBC-CS-IT700SL   Battery for Symbol PDT8100, PDT8133
SymbolBC-CS-PDT8100   Battery for Symbol PDT8100, PDT8133, PDT8137, PDT8142, PDT8146
SymbolBCCS-PTC730BL   Battery for Symbol PTC-730, PTC-860, PTC-860-II, PTC-860DS, PTC-860DS-11, PTC-860ES, PTC-860NI, PTC-860RF
SymbolBC-CS-PTC870BL   Battery for Symbol PTC-870IM, PTC-870IM Terminal
SymbolBC-CS-PTC910BL   Battery for Symbol PTC-910, PTC910C, PTC-910L
SymbolBC-CS-SC960BL   Battery for Symbol PTC-960C, PTC-960CL, PTC-960L
SymbolBC-CS-PTC960SL   Battery for Symbol PTC-960SL, PTC-960SL III
SymbolBCCS-PTC960SL   Battery for Symbol PTC-960SL, PTC-960SL III
SymbolBCCS-SPT1550BL   Battery for Symbol SPT-1500, SPT-1550
SymbolBC-CS-VC5090BL   Battery for Symbol VC5090, VC5090-MA0QL0GH6WW, VC5090-MA0QM0GH67R, VC5090-MA0QM0GH6WR, VC5090-MA0TLQGH6WW, VC5090-MA0TMQGH66R, VC5090-MA0TMQGH6WR
SymbolBC-CS-WT2200   Battery for Symbol WSS1000, WSS1040, WSS1050, WSS1060, WT2280, WWC1040, WWC1049, WSS1069, WSS1010, WSS1019
SymbolCS-ET4090BL   Battery for Symbol WT4000, WT4090, WT4090 i
SymbolBC-CS-ET4090BX   Battery for Symbol WT4000, WT4090, WT4090 I, WT41N0
CDP-CS-CPB300CL-7   Battery for SYNERGY 150, 2000, 2010, 2020, 2100, 2110, 2120, 2150, 2200, 2210, 2220, 2250, 2300
T-COMCS-MIO558SL   Battery for T-COM Sinus WDA
T-comCS-BR9000SL   Battery for T-Com SW 0130
T-comCS-PM16AML   Battery for T-Com TC600
T-COMCS-PM16ASL   Battery for T-Com TC600
T-MobileCS-ZTU830XL   Battery for T-Mobile Concord
TMCS-DC700SL   Battery for T-Mobile Dash, MDA Mail
TMCS-HDE160SL   Battery for T-Mobile G1
TMCS-DU1000SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Ameo, MDA Ameo 16GB
TMCS-DTS4SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Basic
TMCS-DM700SL   Battery for T-mobile MDA Compact III
TMCS-HDM100SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Compact IV
TMCS-HTP160SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Compact V
TMCS-PM16AML   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Compact, MDA Compact II
TMCS-PM16ASL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Compact, MDA Compact II
TMCS-XDAISL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA i
TMCS-PH17BSL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA ii
TMCS-PH26BDL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA iii
TMCS-PH26BSL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA iii
TMCS-EXECSL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA IV, MDA Pro
TMCS-DTS1SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Touch
TMCS-TP5500SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus
TMCS-AP6700SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA vario II
TMCS-TP4550SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Vario III
TMCS-HDP100SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Vario IV
TMCS-WIZA16SL   Battery for T-Mobile MDA Vario, MDA US, MDA IV 4
TMCS-OT990SL   Battery for T-Mobile Move
TMCS-HT6363SL   Battery for T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide
TMCS-HDE180SL   Battery for T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, G1 Touch, Dash 3G
TMCS-HU8220SL   Battery for T-Mobile Pulse
TMCS-C500SL   Battery for T-Mobile SDA II Music, SDA, SDA II, SDA US
TMCS-HTN160SL   Battery for T-Mobile Shadow II, Shadow 2, Shadow 2009
TMCS-DC750SL   Battery for T-Mobile Shadow, PHOE170, Shadow - Copper
TMCS-SK2SL   Battery for T-mobile Sidekick 2, Sidekick II
TMCS-BL41SL   Battery for T-Mobile Sidekick 2008
TMCS-BL12SL   Battery for T-mobile Sidekick 3, Sidekick III, D-Wade Edition, Sidekick iD, Features, Details
TMCS-BL51SL   Battery for T-mobile Sidekick LX, 2009, PV300
TMCS-BL31SL   Battery for T-mobile Sidekick LX, Sidekick iD, Sidekick LX-Blue, Sidekick LX-Brown
CDP-CS-SDT500CL-2   Battery for T-Mobile T-Com SINUSA702
TMCS-HDP180SL   Battery for T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, MDA Vario V, Wing II, Sash 3G
TMCS-HT8282SL   Battery for T-mobile Touch Pro HD
TMCS-HUG620SL   Battery for T-Mobile Unity
TMCS-DC800SL   Battery for T-Mobile Wing, Wing US
TMCS-MOZ8SL   Battery for T-moible Sideklck-slide
TWRTAT-ADST-TOPB200   Battery for Tait Orca 5010, 5020, 5030, 5040
TWRTAI-CS-TOX500TW   Battery for Tait Orca Elan, Excel, Eclipse, 5000, 5015, 5018, 5020, 5030, 5040
TLKDICTCS-TMD88SL   Battery for Talking-Dict MD77, MD77s, MD88
TLKDICTCS-TMT88SL   Battery for Talking-Dict T888
TLKDICTCS-TMD98SL   Battery for Talking-Dict T988C
CDP-CS-P303CL-34   Battery for Tandy CS0139
GAMECS-TZ12SL   Battery for Tapwave Zodiac Z1, Zodiac Z2
CS-TDR100SL   Battery for Tascam DR-1, GT-R1
CS-TDR100XL   Battery for Tascam DR-1, GT-R1
TCL-CS-OTS606XL   Battery for TCL Horizon, S606
TCL-CS-TCJ900SL   Battery for TCL J900C, J900T
TCL-CS-TCP306SL   Battery for TCL P306C
TCL-CS-TCS720XL   Battery for TCL S720T
TCL-CS-TCS830SL   Battery for TCL S838M, S830U
TCLCS-OT604XL   Battery for TCL S960, S960T
TCL-CS-OT802XL   Battery for TCL Y910, Y910T, N3Y910T
CDP-CS-MD960CL-2   Battery for TCM 68143, CP731
TCMCS-MIO336SL   Battery for TCM MD 7200
TeklogixBC-CS-SMXP100BL   Battery for TEKLOGIX Workabout MX Series, RF Series, Workabout Series
CDP-CS-CPB483CL-8   Battery for TELE-PHONE TEL1215, TEL620, TEL813, TEL909
CDP-CS-CPT306CL-5   Battery for Telecom T-Easy C310, T-Fax CM301, T-Fax CM310, Colors Memo, Colors View
TelefoniaCS-XDAISL   Battery for Telefonica TSM400
TelefoniaCS-PH17BSL   Battery for Telefonica TSM500
TelefoniaCS-C500SL   Battery for Telefonica TSM520
CDP-CS-ADL930CL-10   Battery for Telefunken CAS l
Telefunken-CS-TEN950SL   Battery for TELEFUNKEN eurofon T95
CDP-CS-TKA806CL   Battery for Telekom A806
CDP-CS-STM11CL   Battery for Telekom Sinus 11, Siemens Sinus 11
CDP-CS-TSU51CL   Battery for Telekom SINUS 51
CDP-CS-HST130CL   Battery for Telekom T-Plus Sinus 33, T-Plus Sinus 35, Ellepi Pocket
CDP-CS-TPN960CL   Battery for Telematrix 9600, 9621P
CDP-CS-TPN964CL   Battery for Telematrix Teledex IPN964591, IPN965591, IPN984591, IPN985591, IPN965591HDKT, IPN985591HDKIT
CDP-CS-ADL930CL-6   Battery for Telesys TS5020
TelusCS-DS640SL   Battery for Telus Mobility
TelxonBC-CS-PTC910BL   Battery for Telxon PTC-910, PTC910C, PTC-910L
TelxonBC-CS-TC860BL   Battery for Telxon PTC860, PTC860DS, PTC860-II, PTC860ES
TelxonBC-CS-TC960BL   Battery for Telxon PTC960, PTC960DS
TerrestarCS-TSC001SL   Battery for TerreStar Genus
CS-TER112MD   Battery for Terumo TE-112
MDCS-TER311MD   Battery for Terumo TE-331, TE-312, TE-332
TXICS-TEX060XL   Battery for Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX, TI-Nspire CX CAS
CDP-CS-SDT500CL-1   Battery for TeXet DECT TX-D7400
CDP-CS-DEP215SL   Battery for Texet TM-502R, TM-503RS, TM-B100, TM-B110, TM-B110, TM-B110, TM-B110, TM-B110, TM-B200, TN-606
CDP-CS-ALD970CL   Battery for Texet TX-D7955A
ThompsonCS-TH2840SL   Battery for Thompson PDP2840 MP3 Player
CDP-CS-P28115CL-2   Battery for Thomson 28115, 28118, 28106FE1 Ultra Slim Dect
ThuraCS-TS7100SL   Battery for Thuraya Hughes 7101, Hughes 7100
ThurayaCS-TS2510SL   Battery for Thuraya SO-2510 SO-2520
ThuraCS-TS2510SL   Battery for Thuraya SO-2510, SO-2520
CDP-CS-ACT30CL-2   Battery for Tiptel 500 DECT
Tmobile-CS-ZTF960SL   Battery for Tmobile Sonic 2.0 LTE Mobile Hotspot, MF96, Sonic 2.0 4G LTE
TomTomCS-TM821SL   Battery for Tom Tom GPS-9821X GPS-9821X PDA/Handhelds
TomtomCS-TME100SL   Battery for TomTom Eclipse, AVN4430, TNS410
TomTomCS-TM100SL   Battery for TomTom Go 1000, Go 1005, Go 1000 Live, 4CS0.002.01
TOMTOMCS-TM2435SL   Battery for TomTom Go 2435, Go 2435TM, Go 2535, Go 2535T, Go 2535M, Go 2535TM, Go 2535TM WTE, Go 2535M Live, 4CS03, 4CQ01, 4CT50, 4EN42, 4EN52, 4EV42, 4EV52, 4CT4.001.01, 1CT4.019.03
TomTomCS-TM300SL   Battery for TomTom Go 300 400 500 530 530T 510 510T 600 710 910
TomTomCS-TM730SL   Battery for TomTom Go 530 530 Live 720 730 730T 930 930T 940 Live 740 Live 630
TomtomCS-TM540SL   Battery for TomTom Go 540, Go 540 Live, One XXL 540S, 4CF5.002.00
TomtomCS-TM550SL   Battery for TomTom Go 550, Go 550 Live, 8CP5.011.11
TomtomCS-TMG700SL   Battery for TomTom Go 7000, Go 7000 HD, GO7000, GO7000 HD
TomtomCS-TM750SL   Battery for TomTom Go 750, Go 750 Live, 4CP0.002.06
TOMTOMCS-TMG800SL   Battery for TomTom Go 820, Go Live 820, G0 825, Go Live 825, 4ER51, 4ER5.001.01, 4EH52, 4EH51, 4EH45, 4EJ51, 4EJ41, 4ER41, 4ER5
TomTomCS-TM920SL   Battery for TomTom GO 920 920T XL330 XL330S
TomtomCS-TM940SL   Battery for TomTom Go 940, Go 940 Live
TomtomCS-TM950SL   Battery for TomTom Go 950, Go 950 Live, 4CP9.002.00, 8CP9.011.10
TomTomCS-TM130SL   Battery for TomTom One 125 130 130S
TOMTOMCS-TM140SL   Battery for TomTom One 140, 1EK0.052.02, One 140S US, One 140S, 4EK0.001.02
TomTomCS-TM500SL   Battery for TomTom One Europe Regional Rider XL Dach TML 3rd Edition Dach Version 3 V2 V3
TomtomCS-TMV5SL   Battery for TomTom ONE IQ, V5, 4EK0.001.01
TomTomCS-TM600SL   Battery for TomTom One V1
TomtomCS-TMV4SL   Battery for TomTom One V4, One V4 Traffic, One V4 Classic, One V4 Assist, 4EE0.001.22
TomTomCS-TM700SL   Battery for TomTom One XL
TomTomCS-TM800SL   Battery for TomTom One XL Traffic XL Europe Traffic XL 30 Series
TOMTOMCS-TMK1SL   Battery for TomTom Oone XL HD Traffic
TomTomCS-TMF3SL   Battery for TomTom Quanta
TOMTOMCS-TMR001SL   Battery for TomTom Route XL
TOMTOMCS-TMS25SL   Battery for TomTom Star 20, Star 25, 4EN42, 4EN.001.02, 4EN52, 4EV42, 4EV52
TomtomCS-TMS550SL   Battery for TomTom Start 45, Start 45M, 55, 55M, 1EF0.017.03, 1ET0.052.09, 4EF00, 4EF0.017.00
TomtomCS-TMS60SL   Battery for TomTom Start 60, Start 60 EU, Start 60 M, 4EN62. 4EN6.001.02
TOMTOMCS-TMS20SL   Battery for TomTom Start XL, 4ET0.002.07
TomtomCS-TMS10SL   Battery for TomTom Start, Start2, 1EX00
TOMTOMCS-TMU01SL   Battery for TomTom Urban Rider, 4GC01
TomtomCS-TM1500SL   Battery for TomTom VIA 1505T, 1EN5.019.02, VIA 1535TM, 1EV5.019.03, VIA 1435TM, VIA 1505M, 1EN5.019.01, VIA 1405M, 1EN4.019.01
TomtomCS-TM1535SL   Battery for TomTom VIA 1535, VIA 1535TM, Live 1535, 1535M
TomtomCS-TMV3SL   Battery for TomTom XL IQ, V3, 4EM0.001.01
TomtomCS-TMX2SL   Battery for TomTom XL IQ, XL2 V4, 4ET0.002.02, 4ET03
TomTomCS-TMF04SL   Battery for TomTom XL Live, 4EL0.001.01, XL LIVE TTS 4EL0.017.01
TomtomCS-TMX3SL   Battery for TomTom XXL IQ Routes, 4EP0.001.02, 1EP0.029.01, 5EP0.029.01
ATM-CS-PMR100BL   Battery for Topcard PMR100
ATM-CS-PMR200BL   Battery for Topcard PMR200
BMPCS-TPB103MB   Battery for Topcom Babytalker 1010, Babytalker 1020, Babytalker 1030, Twintalker 3700
MULS-CS-TOP100SL   Battery for Topcon Field Controller FC100, Field Controller FC2000, FC100, FC2000, FC-100, FC-120, FC-200, FC-2200, FC-2500, GMS-2, GPT-7000i, GPT-7500, GPT-9000, GPT9000A, GTS-750, GTS-751, GTS-900
TOPCONCS-TOP100XL   Battery for Topcon Field Controller FC100, Field Controller FC2000, FC100, FC2000, FC-100, FC-120, FC-200, FC-2200, FC-2500, GMS-2, GPT-7000i, GPT-7500, GPT-9000, GPT9000A, GTS-750, GTS-751, GTS-900
MULS-CS-TOBT4SL   Battery for Topcon GPS Receiver
MULS-CS-TOP101SL   Battery for Topcon Hiper Pro, Hiper Lite Plus, Hiper-L1, Hiper Ga, Hiper Gb, 24-030001-01, TOP240-030001-01, L18650-4TOP, EGP-0620-1, EGP-0620-1 REV1
TorqCS-EM500SL   Battery for TORQ P100, P120, N100, P100w
Toshiba-CS-TOF100SL   Battery for Toshiba 10 Thrive, Follo 100, Thrive AT105-T016
Toshiba -CS-TB803SL   Battery for Toshiba 803
Toshiba -CS-TB809SL   Battery for Toshiba 809
Toshiba -CS-TB906SL   Battery for Toshiba 904, 906
Toshiba -CS-TB9900SL   Battery for Toshiba 9900, 9950
CDP-CS-BP990CL-1   Battery for Toshiba ANA9710, BT-415, DKT2204-CT, FT-8258, FT-8508, FT-8808, FT-8908, FT-8958, RC005634, RC008577
CDP-CS-P501CL-2   Battery for Toshiba BT-311, FD-4809, FD-9839, FD-9859, FT-8001, FT-8006, FT-8009, FT-8259, FT-8507, FT-8509, FT-8801A, FT-8809
CDP-CS-P501HL-3   Battery for Toshiba BT-311, FD-4809, FD-9839, FD-9859, FT-8001, FT-8006, FT-8009, FT-8259, FT-8507, FT-8509, FT-8801A, FT-8809
TOSHIBA-CS-PX1728MC   Battery for Toshiba Camileo Air 10, B10, B10 Pocket, P100, P100 HD, P10, P20,
TOSHIBA-CS-PX1685MC   Battery for Toshiba Camileo S20, Camileo S20-B
Toshiba-CS-PX1733MC   Battery for Toshiba Camileo S30, Camileo S30 HD, PA3893U-1CAM
Toshiba-CS-PA3985MC   Battery for Toshiba Camileo X200, Camileo X400, Camileo X416 HD
CDP-CS-UT1002CL-2   Battery for Toshiba DCX100, DECT 160, DECT 180
CDP-CS-UT2060CL-2   Battery for Toshiba DECT 2060, DECT 2080
Toshiba-CS-TOA60NB   Battery for Toshiba Dynabook AW2, AX/2, AX/3, Satellite A60, A65 (PA3384U-1BAS, PA3384U-1BRS )
Toshiba-CS-TOU300NB   Battery for Toshiba Dynabook CX series, Equium U300, M600 Series, Portege M600, Statellite Pro U300 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOE6NB   Battery for Toshiba DynaBook E5, DynaBook E6, 1100-Z, 1105-Z
Toshiba-CS-TOF750NB   Battery for Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T750, T751, T851, V65, F60, F750, F755
Toshiba-CS-TOR730NB   Battery for Toshiba Dynabook R730, Portege R700, R830, R835, R930, R935, Satellite R630, R830, R835, R845, Tecra R700, R840 R940 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOR850NB   Battery for Toshiba Dynabook R751, R752, R752/F, Satellite Pro R850, Tecra R950 Series
Toshiba-CS-TOA15   Battery for Toshiba Dynabook Satellite A10, K15, G10, J60, J61, J62, J63, Terca A8, Oosmio G20, G25, E15 series (PA3284U-1BAS, PA3284U-1BRS, PA3285U-1BAS, PA3285U-1BRS, PA3285U-2BAS, PA3285U-2BRS, PA3285U-3BRS, PABAS073, PABAS075)

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