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TWRVER-ADSY-FNBV57   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX110, 150, 160, 180, 210, 400, 800,5 VXA120, 200
TWRVER-ADSY-FNBV57H   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX110, 150, 160, 180, 210, 400, 800,5 VXA120, 200
TWRVER-ADSY-FNBV67L   Battery for Vertex , Yaesu VX160, 180E, 110, 150, 146, 246, 800
TWRVER-ADSS-CNB152   Battery for Vertex Standard C150, 158A, 228A, 528A, 628A, 558A, ADIAT200, 201, 400, 401
TWRVER-ADSS-CNB152H   Battery for Vertex Standard C150, 158A, 228A, 528A, 628A, 558A, ADIAT200, 201, 400, 401
TWRVER-ADSS-CNB153H   Battery for Vertex Standard C150, 158A, 228A, 528A, 628A, 558A, ADIAT200, 201, 400, 401
TWRVER-ADSY-FNBV95L   Battery for Vertex VX-350, VX-351, VX-354
Vertu-CS-WKL003SL   Battery for Vertu Ascent 2010, Vertu X, Ascent Ti, Signature S Design
VetronixCS-VTE152SL   Battery for Vetronix 03002152, Consult II
VetronixCS-VTC543SL   Battery for Vetronix MTS 5200, Engine Analyaer, F00E900018, 03006735
Vhold-CS-VD001MC   Battery for VholdR ContourHD, 2035, 1080p, ContourHD 1200, 1300, 720P
VSCS-VER300SL   Battery for ViewSonic Q3, Q3+, Q5, Q5+, Q1
VSCS-MIO336SL   Battery for Viewsonic V35, V37
VSCS-MIO339SL   Battery for Viewsonic V36
ViewsonicBCCS-VER38SL   Battery for Viewsonic V38R, V38R-01, V38r-02A, V38r-06, V38r-07 and V38r-07a
VAC-CS-VDS193VX   Battery for Vileda AS-193E9A
Vizio-CS-VTA108SL   Battery for Vizio VIA 8", VTAB1008
VK Mobile -CS-VE100SL   Battery for VK Mobile E100
VK Mobile -CS-VK1500SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK1500
VK Mobile -CS-VK2000SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK2000
VK Mobile -CS-VK2100SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK2010, VK2100
VK Mobile -CS-VK2020SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK2020
VK Mobile -CS-VK300SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK300, VK300C
VK Mobile -CS-VK4500SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK4500
VK Mobile -CS-VK520SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK520, VK530, VK, VK320, VK330, VK207, CG107
VK Mobile -CS-VK700SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK700
VK Mobile -CS-VK800SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK800
VK Mobile -CS-VK900SL   Battery for VK Mobile VK900
VocoBC-CS-VTM025BL   Battery for Vocollect Talkman T2, Talkman T2X
VolcollectBC-CS-VTM500BL   Battery for Vocollect Talkman T5, Talkman A500, T5, A500
Vodafone-CS-VOD226SL   Battery for Vodafone 226, 526, 527
Vodafone-CS-VOD411SL   Battery for Vodafone 411
VodaCS-VOD810SL   Battery for Vodafone 715, 810
VodaCS-VOD716SL   Battery for Vodafone 716
Vodafone-CS-VOD720SL   Battery for Vodafone 720, 725
Vodafone-CS-VOD850SL   Battery for Vodafone 850
VodaCS-DC750SL   Battery for Vodafone 920
VodaCS-ZTU230SL   Battery for Vodafone 945
VodaCS-VDM100SL   Battery for Vodafone Mini D100, Mini D101, D100
Vodafone-CS-OT985SL   Battery for Vodafone Smart 4 Power, OT-985N
Vodafone-CS-CPD886SL   Battery for Vodafone Smart 4, Smart 4 Turbo, 889N, Smart 4G
VodaCS-OTV860SL   Battery for Vodafone Smart II, V860, Alcatel V860
VodaCS-OT975XL   Battery for Vodafone Smart III, Smart 3, 975N
VodaCS-OX7SL   Battery for Vodafone v1210, SP 1210
VodaCS-DC730SL   Battery for Vodafone V1415, VDA V, V
VodaCS-AP550SL   Battery for Vodafone V1520, 1520 plus
VodaCS-AP6700SL   Battery for Vodafone v1605, Wireless PDA 1605, VPA Compact III
VodaCS-TP4550SL   Battery for Vodafone v1615, VPA Compact V
VodaCS-EXECSL   Battery for Vodafone v1640, VPA IV
VodaCS-VOD625SL   Battery for Vodafone V625
VodaCS-HUV860SL   Battery for Vodafone V830
VodaCS-C500SL   Battery for Vodafone VDA music, v1240, VDA, VDA II, VDA IV
VodaCS-PH26BDL   Battery for Vodafone VDA, v1620, VPA III
VodaCS-PH26BSL   Battery for Vodafone VDA, v1620, VPA III
VodaCS-PH17BSL   Battery for Vodafone VPA
VodaCS-DD810SL   Battery for Vodafone VPA Compact GPS
VodaCS-WIZA16SL   Battery for Vodafone VPA Compact II
VodaCS-DC800SL   Battery for Vodafone VPA Compact IV
VodaCS-PM16AML   Battery for Vodafone VPA Compact, VPA Compact S
VodaCS-PM16ASL   Battery for Vodafone VPA Compact, VPA Compact S
VodaCS-DTS1SL   Battery for Vodafone VPA Touch
VOIGTLANDER-CS-NP900   Battery for VOIGTLANDER Virtus D5, D4, D6, D600, S6
VOXTELCS-IN911SL   Battery for Voxtel BMI071BD50, BD50
CDP-CS-P303CL-3   Battery for VTech 80-5074-0000, BCO1011, 9116, VT1712, VT20-2438, VT2418, VT2458, VT2498, VT2528, VT2558
CDP-CS-UTS145CL-1   Battery for Vtech LS5105, LS5145, LS5146
CDP-CS-VTS115CL   Battery for Vtech LS6115, LS6115, LS6117, LS6125, LS6126, LS6217, LS6115-2, LS6117-2, LS6125-2, LS6125-3, LS6125-4
CDP-CS-SDT500CL-7   Battery for Vtech VT1100, VT2020
CDP-CS-SDT500CL-8   Battery for Vtech VT1100, VT2020
GAMECS-WTE630SL   Battery for Wacom CTE630BT Graphire Wireless Pen Tablet, CTE-630BT, CTE-630BT Graphire, CTE-620BT, CTE-620BT Graphire, Graphire 4, Airliner WS100 Tablet
GAMECS-WTE540SL   Battery for Wacom Intuos4 wireless, PTK-540WL, PTK-540WL-EN
GAMECS-WTE450SL   Battery for Wacom Intuos5 Touch, PTH-450, PTH-650, PTH-850 Series
GAMECS-WTE450XL   Battery for Wacom Intuos5 Touch, PTH-450, PTH-650, PTH-850 Series
CDP-CS-P403CL-12   Battery for Walker W400, W9001
WaspBC-CS-WDT220BL   Battery for Wasp WDT2200, RS-232
MULS-CS-WAT067SL   Battery for Wavetek 4010-00-0067
ATM-CS-WTT155BL   Battery for Way Systems MTT 1510, MTT 1556, MTT 1581, MTT 1531, MTT 1571
CDP-CS-P303CL-36   Battery for Webcor WP590
MDCS-WB710MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn 11720, 11730, 18100, 20000, 21700, 71000, 71003, 71010, 71015, 71020, 71022, 71050, 71051, 71054, 71055, 71110, 71150, 71610, 71670, 72200, 72207, 74710, 97210
MDCS-WB726MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn 211, 72600, 72800, 72801, 72830
CS-WB720MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn 60700, 70200, 70700, 70720, 70754, 71210, 72000, 60713, 70500, 70710, 70750, 70755, 71250, 99408, 70000, 707, 70715, 70751, 71205, 71500
MDCS-WB720MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn 60700, 70200, 70700, 70720, 70754, 71210, 72000, 60713, 70500, 70710, 70750, 70755, 71250, 99408, 70000, 707, 70715, 70751, 71205, 71500
MDCS-WB723MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn 71000C, 71020A, 71000A, 71020C, 71055C, 72300,
CS-WB722MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn 72240, 12000
MDCS-WB170MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn Audiopath GSI 70, Grason Stadler GSI 70
MDCS-WB532MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn LXi VITAL Signs Printer
CS-WB530MD   Battery for Welch-Allyn VSM 53000, VSM 300, VSM 53NTP, VSM 53STP, VSM 530TP, VSM 530T0, VSM 53N00, VSM 53S00, Spot Check 420, Spot Check 4200B, Spot Check 420TB, Spot Check 42NTB
SHRCS-WXH87SL   Battery for Wella Eclipse Clipper
SHRCS-WXH87XL   Battery for Wella Eclipse Clipper
SHRCS-WXH70SL   Battery for Wella Xpert HS70
SHRCS-WXH71SL   Battery for Wella Xpert HS71, Xpert HS75, Xpert HS71 Profi
Wiko-CS-WKS011SL   Battery for Wiko Cink King, Cink Five, Stairway, Darknight
WikoCS-WKC100SL   Battery for wiko Cink, Cink+
Wiko-CS-WKD001SL   Battery for Wiko Darkmoon
Wiko-CS-WKD009SL   Battery for Wiko DEA
Wiko-CS-WKR001SL   Battery for Wiko KAR, KaWa, FiJi
Wiko-CS-WKT001SL   Battery for Wiko KITE
Wiko-CS-WKM001SL   Battery for Wiko MAX
Wiko-CS-WKM010SL   Battery for Wiko Minimi
Wiko-CS-WKZ005SL   Battery for Wiko Ozzy
Wiko-CS-WKZ005XL   Battery for Wiko Ozzy, Ozzy Double Sim
Wiko-CS-WKN350SL   Battery for Wiko Rainbow, N350, Rainbow Neongelb, M172, Bloom
Wiko-CS-WKS008SL   Battery for Wiko Sublim, Cink Slim, IGGY, CINK SLIM 2, BLUSH, N270
Wiko-CS-WKM004SL   Battery for Wiko SUMMER, Soap
Wiko-CS-WKU002SL   Battery for Wiko UBIK, DOLFY, Venia, Kar 2
Winbook-CS-MT8381NB   Battery for Winbook A100, C200, C220, C225, C226, C240 (441677397001, 441677398001, 441677399001, 441677399201, 441680000034, 441680020002, BP-8381, BP-8X81)
Winbook-CS-MT8080NB   Battery for Winbook C100, C120, C140, C170, C220 (442675300002, 442675300003, 442675300005, 442675300007, 8UR18650F-SECT-QC10)
Winbook-CS-MT8060NB   Battery for Winbook COMPUTER W100, W140, W160 (WN-W100, 442676300003, 467894, CGR-B/T19SE-MSK, CGR-B/T19SE-MSL)
Winbook-CS-ECG320NB   Battery for Winbook J1 (LIP8020, LIP8082, EM-G320L1, EM-G320L2, ES1-2200, ES1-4400)
Winbook-CS-MT8630NB   Battery for Winbook M100, M200, M300, M400, IPCWeb@Note 8640D, IPCWeb@Note 8640M (442679900003, 442679900004, 442679900007, 442680700001, 821561, CGR-B/T19SE-MSL, NBP001310-00 4426746100001, 7004690000, 7022560000)
Winbook-CS-AC530HB   Battery for Winbook N3 (BAT30N3L, BAT30NL3L, BATBY27L, BT.A0101.001, BTP-550, HBT.0186.001, HBT.186.002, CGR-B1840AE, N30N3, BT.T3404.001)
Winbook-CS-WBV120NB   Battery for Winbook V120, V220, V230, V240, J4 , X TECHNOLOGY G713, G732, G736, J4
Winbook-CS-FU1640HB   Battery for Winbook V300 (255-3S4400-F1P1, 255-3S4400-G1L1, 255-3S4400-S1S1, 23-UG5C10-0A, 23VGF1F-4A, 805N00017)
Winbook-CS-AC8011NB   Battery for Winbook W200, W235 (442685400014, 442685400015, 442685430004, 467316, 742544, BP-8011, BP-8011(S), BP-8x11)
Winbook-CS-WBW320NB   Battery for Winbook W300, W320, W322, W340, W360, W362, W364 (4416817441681790002, 441685710002, 7035210000, 7028650000, 7044290000, S26391-F6120-L450)
Winbook-CS-DE5000NB   Battery for Winbook WinBook Z, Winbook Z1 (083KV, 1894W, 2127U, 8027U, BAT-I5000, BAT30WL, IM-M150261, IM-M150261-FR, IM-M150261-GB)
Winbook-CS-AC1400   Battery for Winbook WJ4000 (60.46Y16.011, 7T059, 909-2220, BTP44A3, CP159883-01, FHS2111, FPCBP70, MS2117, MS2126, PC-AB6410, PP06L)
Winbook-CS-UWN223NB   Battery for Winbook X500, X505, X510, X512, X520, X522, X530, X540 (223-3S4000-F1P1, 223-3S4000-S1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A, W2U223, 468280, 679738, )
WintecCS-XEW01SL   Battery for Wintec WBT-100 WBT-200 WBT-201 WBT-300
TWRCS-CXB10TW   Battery for Xact Communication Wristlinx x3x, Wristlinx x2x, Wristlinx x33xif-2, Wristlinx x33xif, Wristlinx x3x-2, xb10, Wristlinx x2x-2, x3x Wristlinx, x33xif Wristlinx, x2x Wristlinx
CS-XEW01SL-18   Battery for Xaiox Diamond Bluetooth GPS
CS-XEW01SL-12   Battery for XAiOX TrapScout Bluetooth GPS-Receiver
Xiaomi-CS-MUM410XL   Battery for Xiaomi 4, Mi4, Mi4 4G, Mi4W, Leo
Xiaomi-CS-MUM210SL   Battery for Xiaomi Mi Note, Mi Note Pro
Xoom-CS-MTX505SL   Battery for Xoom Family Edition, MZ505
CS-XPA430SL   Battery for Xpend Smart Remote WQAGA43
XploreCS-XG18SL   Battery for Xplore G18, G88, Universum Xplore G18, G88
XploreCS-XG28SL   Battery for Xplore M28
XploreCS-XG98SL   Battery for Xplore M98
CS-LP2102C30R5   Battery for XT60 Yellow
TWRMOT-CS-MXT151TW   Battery for XTS1500, XTS2500, PR1500, MT1500
TWRYAE-CS-FNB41TW   Battery for YAESU FT-10, FT-10R, FT-40, FT-40R, FT-50, FT-50R, VXA-100
TWRYAE-CS-FNB17TW   Battery for YAESU FT-23R, FT-33R, FT-73R, FT-470, FT-811, FT-911, FTH-2008, FTH-7005, FTH-7010, FTH-7008, FT-411, FTH-2005, FTH-2010, FT-411 Mark II
TWRYAE-CS-FNB47TW   Battery for YAESU VX-10, FT-10R, FT-40R, FT-50R, VX10, FT10R, FT40R, FT50R
TWRYAE-CS-FNB57TW   Battery for YAESU VX-110 (FNB-V67, FNB-57, FNB-64, FNB-83, FNB-V67L)
TWRMDCS-FNB82TW   Battery for YAESU VX-2, VX-2E, VX-2R
YAESU-CS-NP60FU   Battery for YAESU VX-2, VX-2E, VX-2R
TWRYAE-CS-FNB14TW   Battery for YAESU VX-230, VX-231, VX-231L, VX-234
TWRYAE-CS-FNB95TW   Battery for YAESU VX-350, VX-351, VX-354, VX350, VX351, VX354
TWRYAE-CS-FNB86TW   Battery for YAESU VX-820, VX-821, VX-824, VX-829, VX-920, VX-921, VX-924, VX-929, VX-900, VX-600
YakumoCS-N30SL   Battery for Yakumo 1038006 PS1020
YakumoCS-N35SL   Battery for Yakumo Alpha GPS Alpha X GPS
YakumoCS-MIO168SL   Battery for Yakumo Delta 300 300GPS GPS 2L
YakumoCS-MIO339SL   Battery for Yakumo Delta 400 400GPS
YakumoCS-YK051SL   Battery for Yakumo EazyGo PNA EazyGo GPS EazyGo XS
YakumoCS-EP300SL   Battery for Yakumo Omikron Omikron MDA
YakumoCS-MIOA201SL   Battery for Yakumo PDA Delta X GPS DeltaX 5 BT
MDCS-AMS113MD-1   Battery for Yokogawa OTDR AQ7275, OTDR AQ7270
Doov-CS-DVG250SL   Battery for Yusun LA-I, i2, i2c, DOOV G25 D770, BL-G25, D3, HOSIN U6, U7
Yusun-CS-YSM200SL   Battery for Yusun Q1, M1, M2, M1Y, M1, M1S, AMOI N820, N821, N828, N818
ZebraBCCS-MZ220BL   Battery for Zebra MZ220, MZ320
ZebraBC-CS-MZ320BL   Battery for Zebra QL220, QL220+, QL320, QL320+
CDP-CS-P303CL-29   Battery for Zenith 306
Verizon-CS-VER001SL   Battery for Zerizon Hub
ZOOMCS-ZM400MC   Battery for ZOOM Q4, Q4 Handy Video Recorder, 247-9036
ZTE-CS-ZTD180SL   Battery for ZTE A34, A39, C300, C332, C321+, C339, C350, D180, D190, X760, X761, VEGAS
ZTE-CS-ZTQ100SL   Battery for ZTE Blade Q Mini
ZTE-CS-ZTC150SL   Battery for ZTE C150, C200, C220, C230, C600, C610, C620, GC01, E150, M60
ZTE-CS-ZTC180SL   Battery for ZTE C160, C180, C260, H500, K70
ZTE-CS-ZTC760SL   Battery for ZTE C76
ZTE-CS-ZTC88SL   Battery for ZTE C88, C78, C70, E520, Essenze, Agent, F160
ZTE-CS-ZTC900SL   Battery for ZTE C90
ZTE-CS-ZTD930SL   Battery for ZTE Chorus, D930
ZTE-CS-ZTC410SL   Battery for ZTE Cricket A410, Calcomp A410, PCD Calcomp A410, A410, TXTM8 3G, TXTM8T, Cricket PCD Calcomp
ZTE-CS-ZTF860SL   Battery for ZTE E700 F860 F868 F866, I909
ZTE -CS-ZTX185SL   Battery for ZTE F158, F159, X185
ZTE-CS-ZTF850SL   Battery for ZTE F252, F256, F850, ?F851
ZTE-CS-ZTF228SL   Battery for ZTE F280, F285, F228, A933, A711, G-X670, X670, Vodafone 228, 227, VF228, VF227
ZTE-CS-ZTF290SL   Battery for ZTE F290
ZTE-CS-ZTF930SL   Battery for ZTE F930, T930, Telstra T930, Bubble Touch, E810, Vodafone 1230, V1230
ZTE-CS-ZTG380SL   Battery for ZTE G380, J-G380, F165, F165i, T165i,
ZTE-CS-ZTG600SL   Battery for ZTE G6
ZTECS-ZTG717XL   Battery for ZTE G717C
ZTE-CS-ZTU985SL   Battery for ZTE Grand Era, U985, V985, U930HD
ZTE-CS-ZTU969SL   Battery for ZTE Grand Memo, V9815, U9815, N5, U5, Grand Memo N5L LTE, U9815, N5S, U969, U5S, V5S
ZTE-.CS-ZTU969XL   Battery for ZTE Grand Memo, V9815, U9815, N5, U5, N5L LTE, U9815, N5S, U969, U5S
ZTE-CS-ZTF230SL   Battery for ZTE Grand S Flex
ZTE-CS-ZMF900SL   Battery for ZTE MF90, MF91
ZTE-CS-ZTX850SL   Battery for ZTE N600, X850, U260, F100, T6, C370, F105, F106, F103, S100, C170, R518, R516, F106, N600+
ZTE-CS-ZTN760SL   Battery for ZTE N760, Avail, Z990, Fury, at&t Avail, Z990, Blade Plus, V881, Blade+, Aglaia
ZTE-CS-ZTN881XL   Battery for ZTE N881F
ZTE-CS-ZTN909SL   Battery for ZTE N909
ZTE-CS-ZTE912XL   Battery for ZTE N9120, Avid, Avid 4G
ZTE-CS-ZTN950SL   Battery for ZTE N9500, Flash
ZTE-CS-ZTN951SL   Battery for ZTE N9510, Warp 4G, Solar, Z759G, Source, N9511, Z796C, Majesty
ZTE-CS-ZTN983SL   Battery for ZTE N983
ZTE-CS-ZTN983XL   Battery for ZTE N983
ZTE-CS-ZTN986SL   Battery for ZTE N986
ZTE-CS-ZTN986XL   Battery for ZTE N986, V975
ZTE-CS-ZNX902SL   Battery for ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini, NX902, Nubia Z5
ZTE-CS-ZNX501SL   Battery for ZTE Nubia Z5, NX501, NX401, NZ501
ZTE-CS-ZNX506SL   Battery for ZTE Nubia Z7 Dual SIM, NX506J
ZTE -CS-ZTX990SL   Battery for ZTE Orange Rio, GX991, X990, X998, CG990, I799, T7, T2, Easy Touch Discovery 2, X930, Smile Q, G-X930, T-Mobile Vibe E200, UX990, Z331
ZTE-CS-ZTQ301SL   Battery for ZTE Q301C, Q30C, Q301T
ZTE-CS-ZTQ505SL   Battery for ZTE Q505T
ZTE-CS-ZTU705XL   Battery for ZTE Q705U
ZTE-CS-ZTQ805SL   Battery for ZTE Q805T
ZTE-CS-ZTR710SL   Battery for ZTE R710
ZTE-CS-ZTS302SL   Battery for ZTE S302
ZTE-CS-ZTT800SL   Battery for ZTE T8
ZTE-CS-ZTV980SL   Battery for ZTE T98, V9s

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