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Wiko-CS-WKM004SL   Battery for Wiko SUMMER, Soap
Wiko-CS-WKU002SL   Battery for Wiko UBIK, DOLFY, Venia, Kar 2
Winbook-CS-MT8381NB   Battery for Winbook A100, C200, C220, C225, C226, C240 (441677397001, 441677398001, 441677399001, 441677399201, 441680000034, 441680020002, BP-8381, BP-8X81)
Winbook-CS-MT8080NB   Battery for Winbook C100, C120, C140, C170, C220 (442675300002, 442675300003, 442675300005, 442675300007, 8UR18650F-SECT-QC10)
Winbook-CS-MT8060NB   Battery for Winbook COMPUTER W100, W140, W160 (WN-W100, 442676300003, 467894, CGR-B/T19SE-MSK, CGR-B/T19SE-MSL)
Winbook-CS-ECG320NB   Battery for Winbook J1 (LIP8020, LIP8082, EM-G320L1, EM-G320L2, ES1-2200, ES1-4400)
Winbook-CS-MT8630NB   Battery for Winbook M100, M200, M300, M400, IPCWeb@Note 8640D, IPCWeb@Note 8640M (442679900003, 442679900004, 442679900007, 442680700001, 821561, CGR-B/T19SE-MSL, NBP001310-00 4426746100001, 7004690000, 7022560000)
Winbook-CS-AC530HB   Battery for Winbook N3 (BAT30N3L, BAT30NL3L, BATBY27L, BT.A0101.001, BTP-550, HBT.0186.001, HBT.186.002, CGR-B1840AE, N30N3, BT.T3404.001)
Winbook-CS-WBV120NB   Battery for Winbook V120, V220, V230, V240, J4 , X TECHNOLOGY G713, G732, G736, J4
Winbook-CS-FU1640HB   Battery for Winbook V300 (255-3S4400-F1P1, 255-3S4400-G1L1, 255-3S4400-S1S1, 23-UG5C10-0A, 23VGF1F-4A, 805N00017)
Winbook-CS-AC8011NB   Battery for Winbook W200, W235 (442685400014, 442685400015, 442685430004, 467316, 742544, BP-8011, BP-8011(S), BP-8x11)
Winbook-CS-WBW320NB   Battery for Winbook W300, W320, W322, W340, W360, W362, W364 (4416817441681790002, 441685710002, 7035210000, 7028650000, 7044290000, S26391-F6120-L450)
Winbook-CS-DE5000NB   Battery for Winbook WinBook Z, Winbook Z1 (083KV, 1894W, 2127U, 8027U, BAT-I5000, BAT30WL, IM-M150261, IM-M150261-FR, IM-M150261-GB)
Winbook-CS-AC1400   Battery for Winbook WJ4000 (60.46Y16.011, 7T059, 909-2220, BTP44A3, CP159883-01, FHS2111, FPCBP70, MS2117, MS2126, PC-AB6410, PP06L)
Winbook-CS-UWN223NB   Battery for Winbook X500, X505, X510, X512, X520, X522, X530, X540 (223-3S4000-F1P1, 223-3S4000-S1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A, W2U223, 468280, 679738, )
WintecCS-XEW01SL   Battery for Wintec WBT-100 WBT-200 WBT-201 WBT-300
CS-WRX373PX   Battery for Worx Brushless Impact 20V MAX Drill, WX373, WA3527
CS-WRX540PW   Battery for Worx WG151.5, WG251.5, WG540
CS-WRX540PX   Battery for Worx WG151.5, WG251.5, WG540
CS-WRX125PW   Battery for Worx WX125.3, WX125.3 D-Lite
CS-WRX125PX   Battery for Worx WX125.3, WX125.3 D-Lite
CS-WRX166PX   Battery for Worx WX166, WA3528, 16V Max Drill Driver
TWRCS-CXB10TW   Battery for Xact Communication Wristlinx x3x, Wristlinx x2x, Wristlinx x33xif-2, Wristlinx x33xif, Wristlinx x3x-2, xb10, Wristlinx x2x-2, x3x Wristlinx, x33xif Wristlinx, x2x Wristlinx
CS-XEW01SL-18   Battery for Xaiox Diamond Bluetooth GPS
CS-XEW01SL-12   Battery for XAiOX TrapScout Bluetooth GPS-Receiver
Xiaomi-CS-MUM410XL   Battery for Xiaomi 4, Mi4, Mi4 4G, Mi4W, Leo
Xiaomi-CS-MUM210SL   Battery for Xiaomi Mi Note, Mi Note Pro
Xoom-CS-MTX505SL   Battery for Xoom Family Edition, MZ505
CS-XPA430SL   Battery for Xpend Smart Remote WQAGA43
XploreCS-XG18SL   Battery for Xplore G18, G88, Universum Xplore G18, G88
XploreCS-XG28SL   Battery for Xplore M28
XploreCS-XG98SL   Battery for Xplore M98
CS-LP2102C30R5   Battery for XT60 Yellow
TWRMOT-CS-MXT151TW   Battery for XTS1500, XTS2500, PR1500, MT1500
TWRYAE-CS-FNB41TW   Battery for YAESU FT-10, FT-10R, FT-40, FT-40R, FT-50, FT-50R, VXA-100
TWRYAE-CS-FNB17TW   Battery for YAESU FT-23R, FT-33R, FT-73R, FT-470, FT-811, FT-911, FTH-2008, FTH-7005, FTH-7010, FTH-7008, FT-411, FTH-2005, FTH-2010, FT-411 Mark II
TWRYAE-CS-FNB47TW   Battery for YAESU VX-10, FT-10R, FT-40R, FT-50R, VX10, FT10R, FT40R, FT50R
TWRYAE-CS-FNB57TW   Battery for YAESU VX-110 (FNB-V67, FNB-57, FNB-64, FNB-83, FNB-V67L)
TWRMDCS-FNB82TW   Battery for YAESU VX-2, VX-2E, VX-2R
YAESU-CS-NP60FU   Battery for YAESU VX-2, VX-2E, VX-2R
TWRYAE-CS-FNB14TW   Battery for YAESU VX-230, VX-231, VX-231L, VX-234
TWRYAE-CS-FNB95TW   Battery for YAESU VX-350, VX-351, VX-354, VX350, VX351, VX354
TWRYAE-CS-FNB86TW   Battery for YAESU VX-820, VX-821, VX-824, VX-829, VX-920, VX-921, VX-924, VX-929, VX-900, VX-600
YakumoCS-N30SL   Battery for Yakumo 1038006 PS1020
YakumoCS-N35SL   Battery for Yakumo Alpha GPS Alpha X GPS
YakumoCS-MIO168SL   Battery for Yakumo Delta 300 300GPS GPS 2L
YakumoCS-MIO339SL   Battery for Yakumo Delta 400 400GPS
YakumoCS-YK051SL   Battery for Yakumo EazyGo PNA EazyGo GPS EazyGo XS
YakumoCS-EP300SL   Battery for Yakumo Omikron Omikron MDA
YakumoCS-MIOA201SL   Battery for Yakumo PDA Delta X GPS DeltaX 5 BT
MDCS-AMS113MD-1   Battery for Yokogawa OTDR AQ7275, OTDR AQ7270
Doov-CS-DVG250SL   Battery for Yusun LA-I, i2, i2c, DOOV G25 D770, BL-G25, D3, HOSIN U6, U7
Yusun-CS-YSM200SL   Battery for Yusun Q1, M1, M2, M1Y, M1, M1S, AMOI N820, N821, N828, N818
ZebraBCCS-MZ220BL   Battery for Zebra MZ220, MZ320
ZebraBC-CS-MZ320BL   Battery for Zebra QL220, QL220+, QL320, QL320+
CDP-CS-P303CL-29   Battery for Zenith 306
Verizon-CS-VER001SL   Battery for Zerizon Hub
ZOOMCS-ZM400MC   Battery for ZOOM Q4, Q4 Handy Video Recorder, 247-9036
ZOPO-CS-ZPS998XL   Battery for ZOPO 9530, 3X, ZP999, ZP998
ZOPO-CS-ZPS320XL   Battery for ZOPO ZP320
ZOPOCS-ZPS530XL   Battery for ZOPO ZP530, ZP532
ZOPO-CS-ZPS580XL   Battery for ZOPO ZP580, 6580
ZOPO-CS-ZPS950XL   Battery for ZOPO ZP590, 6470
ZOPO-CS-ZPS700XL   Battery for ZOPO ZP700, 6530
ZOPO-CS-ZPS780XL   Battery for ZOPO ZP780, 6560
ZTE-CS-ZTD180SL   Battery for ZTE A34, A39, C300, C332, C321+, C339, C350, D180, D190, X760, X761, VEGAS
ZTE-CS-ZTQ100SL   Battery for ZTE Blade Q Mini
ZTE-CS-ZTC150SL   Battery for ZTE C150, C200, C220, C230, C600, C610, C620, GC01, E150, M60
ZTE-CS-ZTC180SL   Battery for ZTE C160, C180, C260, H500, K70
ZTE-CS-ZTC760SL   Battery for ZTE C76
ZTE-CS-ZTC88SL   Battery for ZTE C88, C78, C70, E520, Essenze, Agent, F160
ZTE-CS-ZTC900SL   Battery for ZTE C90
ZTE-CS-ZTD930SL   Battery for ZTE Chorus, D930
ZTE-CS-ZTC410SL   Battery for ZTE Cricket A410, Calcomp A410, PCD Calcomp A410, A410, TXTM8 3G, TXTM8T, Cricket PCD Calcomp
ZTE-CS-ZTF860SL   Battery for ZTE E700 F860 F868 F866, I909
ZTE -CS-ZTX185SL   Battery for ZTE F158, F159, X185
ZTE-CS-ZTF850SL   Battery for ZTE F252, F256, F850, ?F851
ZTE-CS-ZTF228SL   Battery for ZTE F280, F285, F228, A933, A711, G-X670, X670, Vodafone 228, 227, VF228, VF227
ZTE-CS-ZTF290SL   Battery for ZTE F290
ZTE-CS-ZTF930SL   Battery for ZTE F930, T930, Telstra T930, Bubble Touch, E810, Vodafone 1230, V1230
ZTE-CS-ZTG380SL   Battery for ZTE G380, J-G380, F165, F165i, T165i,
ZTE-CS-ZTG600SL   Battery for ZTE G6
ZTECS-ZTG717XL   Battery for ZTE G717C
ZTE-CS-ZTU985SL   Battery for ZTE Grand Era, U985, V985, U930HD
ZTE-CS-ZTU969SL   Battery for ZTE Grand Memo, V9815, U9815, N5, U5, Grand Memo N5L LTE, U9815, N5S, U969, U5S, V5S
ZTE-.CS-ZTU969XL   Battery for ZTE Grand Memo, V9815, U9815, N5, U5, N5L LTE, U9815, N5S, U969, U5S
ZTE-CS-ZTF230SL   Battery for ZTE Grand S Flex
ZTE-CS-ZMF900SL   Battery for ZTE MF90, MF91
ZTE-CS-ZTX850SL   Battery for ZTE N600, X850, U260, F100, T6, C370, F105, F106, F103, S100, C170, R518, R516, F106, N600+
ZTE-CS-ZTN760SL   Battery for ZTE N760, Avail, Z990, Fury, at&t Avail, Z990, Blade Plus, V881, Blade+, Aglaia
ZTE-CS-ZTN881XL   Battery for ZTE N881F
ZTE-CS-ZTN909SL   Battery for ZTE N909
ZTE-CS-ZTE912XL   Battery for ZTE N9120, Avid, Avid 4G
ZTE-CS-ZTN950SL   Battery for ZTE N9500, Flash
ZTE-CS-ZTN951SL   Battery for ZTE N9510, Warp 4G, Solar, Z759G, Source, N9511, Z796C, Majesty
ZTE-CS-ZTN983SL   Battery for ZTE N983
ZTE-CS-ZTN983XL   Battery for ZTE N983
ZTE-CS-ZTN986SL   Battery for ZTE N986
ZTE-CS-ZTN986XL   Battery for ZTE N986, V975
ZTE-CS-ZNX902SL   Battery for ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini, NX902, Nubia Z5
ZTE-CS-ZNX501SL   Battery for ZTE Nubia Z5, NX501, NX401, NZ501
ZTE-CS-ZNX506SL   Battery for ZTE Nubia Z7 Dual SIM, NX506J
ZTE-CS-ZNX511SL   Battery for ZTE Nubia Z9, Nubia Z9 mini, NX511J
ZTE -CS-ZTX990SL   Battery for ZTE Orange Rio, GX991, X990, X998, CG990, I799, T7, T2, Easy Touch Discovery 2, X930, Smile Q, G-X930, T-Mobile Vibe E200, UX990, Z331
ZTE-CS-ZTQ301SL   Battery for ZTE Q301C, Q30C, Q301T
ZTE-CS-ZTQ505SL   Battery for ZTE Q505T
ZTE-CS-ZTU705XL   Battery for ZTE Q705U
ZTE-CS-ZTQ805SL   Battery for ZTE Q805T
ZTE-CS-ZTR710SL   Battery for ZTE R710
ZTE-CS-ZTS302SL   Battery for ZTE S302
ZTE-CS-ZTT800SL   Battery for ZTE T8
ZTE-CS-ZTV980SL   Battery for ZTE T98, V9s
CDP-CS-ZTU110CL   Battery for ZTE U110, U116, U116+, U118, U118A, U122
ZTE-CS-ZTF188SL   Battery for ZTE U200, U201, U210, U218, F500, R200, R201, K80, D90, D90+, F188, F230, F233, D300, F852, F858, Glidem, T870, T870m, Next G, Next Gm, F168, F600, F870, F350, F582, Salute, F858 Easy Touch, i628, Verizon F350
ZTE-CS-ZTU208SL   Battery for ZTE U208, U506, U507, U508
ZTE-CS-ZTU232SL   Battery for ZTE U232
ZTE-CS-ZTU230SL   Battery for ZTE U722, U235, U230, U700, U720, U235B, U600, U900, U215, R750, U232, X920, X925, MF30, AC30, A6, MF30 A6 WiFi Router, F165, T165i, U728, U862, D800, D810
ZTE-CS-ZTJ890SL   Battery for ZTE U790, Authentic, Verizon Jetpack 890L, Jetpack 890L 4G LTE, Jetpack 4G LTE, Hotspot 890L
ZTE-CS-ZTJ890XL   Battery for ZTE U790, Authentic, Verizon Jetpack 890L, Jetpack 890L 4G LTE, Jetpack 4G LTE, Hotspot 890L
ZTE-CS-ZTN795SL   Battery for ZTE U791, N795
ZTE-CS-ZTU793SL   Battery for ZTE U793
ZTE-CS-ZTN809SL   Battery for ZTE U809
ZTE-CS-ZTN809XL   Battery for ZTE U809, V809
ZTE-CS-ZTU830SL   Battery for ZTE U830
ZTE-CS-ZTU830XL   Battery for ZTE U830, U812, V788D, U788, N788, V768, V768C, Avail 2, Z992, Midnight, Z768G
ZTE-.CS-ZTU879XL   Battery for ZTE U879
ZTE-CS-ZTU880SL   Battery for ZTE U880S2, V880S2
ZTE-CS-ZTU887XL   Battery for ZTE U887
ZTE-CS-ZTU950SL   Battery for ZTE U950, V955, U960S3, U930HD, N880G
ZTE-CS-ZTU956SL   Battery for ZTE U956
ZTE-CS-ZTU968SL   Battery for ZTE U968, Q701C, Q503U
ZTE -CS-ZTU980SL   Battery for ZTE U980, U981
ZTE-CS-ZTU981SL   Battery for ZTE U981, D820, D821, U908
ZTE-CS-ZTV110SL   Battery for ZTE V11A, V11, V7E
ZTE-CS-ZTV300SL   Battery for ZTE V190, V260, V270, V280, V290, V300, V617, V716, V717
ZTE-CS-ZTU918SL   Battery for ZTE V5, V5s, U9180
ZTE-CS-ZTV720SL   Battery for ZTE V72, V72a
ZTE-CS-ZTV800SL   Battery for ZTE V8000
ZTE -CS-ZTV900SL   Battery for ZTE V9 Light Tab, V9 Plus
ZTECS-ZTV910SL   Battery for ZTE V9, V9 Light Tab, V9e, T9, V9C, V9+ ,V9A
ZTE-CS-ZTN970SL   Battery for ZTE V930, U970, N970, Mimosa X, Grand X 3G, T82, Grand X, Grand X LTE
ZTE-CS-ZTN970XL   Battery for ZTE V930, U970, N970, Mimosa X, Grand X 3G, T82, Grand X, Grand X LTE, N861, Warp 2, Warp Sequent
ZTE-CS-ZTV987SL   Battery for ZTE V987
ZTE-CS-ZTV987XL   Battery for ZTE V987, N919, V967S, U935, N980
ZTE-CS-ZTN860SL   Battery for ZTE Warp, N860, BoostMobile 4G 5.0MP
CDP-CS-ZTP826CL   Battery for ZTE WP826, WP822, WP833, WP612, WP623
ZTE-CS-ZTX500SL   Battery for ZTE X500
ZTE-CS-ZTX501SL   Battery for ZTE X500M, Score M
ZTE-CS-ZTU500SL   Battery for ZTE X876, X70, X60, U500, U980, U981, E760, 353, Raise, X61, TMN Silverbelt
ZCCS-SG278SL   Battery for Zycast SG-278
HPH-CS-CPB9055-1   Battery forAvaya Tenovis HSG-Link DECT 2
DOGCS-CHB100TW   Battery forChatter Box 100AFH 2/3A, CBFRS BATT, HJC FRS, HJC-FRS, KA9HJC-FRS
Elson-CS-MEL400SL   Battery forElson EL400, Mobistel EL400
FalkCS-FKM4SL   Battery forFALK M2 M4 M6 M8
MULS-CS-OST928BL   Battery forOregon Scientific STR928, STR938, STR968, STR918
PanasonicBC-CS-PAH79BL   Battery forPanasonic Handheld ZE-79, Handheld ZE-79UNCY, ZE-79XAYE
FujitsuCS-FN100SL   Battery forPocket Loox N100 Pocket Loox N110
Casio-CS-NPL7   Battery forQV-3EX, QV-EX3, QV3000-PROPACK and XV-3 (NP-L7)
ATM-CS-SET100BL   Battery forSagem MONETEL EFT10P, EFT20P, EFT20R, Proxibus LDP400, CDK PP1100, EFT-10P, EFT-20P, EFT-20R, CDK PP1100
CDP-CS-SIL410CL   Battery forSiemens Gigaset L410
SonoCS-SDV300SL   Battery forSonocaddie V300
CDP-CS-UXE500CL   Battery forUniden AE155, EX500, XE200, XE300, XE360, XE400, XE500, XE550, XE700
Grip-CS-BGE11BN   Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark III
Grip-CS-NIK110BN   Battery Grip for Canon EOS 1100D, EOS KISS X50, REBEL T3
Grip-CS-BGE2   Battery grip for Canon Eos 20D, Eos 30D, Eos 40D, Eos 50D (BG-E2, BP-E2n, BPE2n, BPE2, BPE 2N)
Grip-CS-BGE3   Battery grip for Canon Eos 350D, Eos 400D (BG-E3, BGE3, BGE 3)
Grip-CS-BGE8   Battery Grip for Canon EOS 550D (BG-E8, BGE8)
Grip-CS-BGE6   Battery grip for Canon EOS 5D Mark II (BG-E6, BGE6, BGE 6)
Grip-CS-BGE9   Battery Grip for Canon EOS 60D
Grip-CS-BGE13   Battery Grip for Canon EOS 6D, EOS 6D SLR
Grip-CS-BGE7   Battery grip for Canon EOS 7D, EOS 7D Mark II (BG-E7, BGE7)
Grip-CS-BGE5   Battery grip for Canon Eos Rebel Xsi 450D, 500D, 1000D, T1i Digital SLR Camera Kit (BG-E5, BGE5, BGE 5)
Grip-CS-NIK200BN   Battery Grip for Nikon D200
Grip-CS-MBL4A   Battery Grip for Nikon D300
Grip-CS-MBD10   Battery grip for Nikon D300, D700 (MB-D10, BP-D700, MBD10, BPD700, MBD 10, BPD 700)
Grip-CS-NIK310BN   Battery Grip for Nikon D3100, D3200
Grip-CS-BPD50   Battery Grip for Nikon D40, D40X, D60, D5000
Grip-CS-BPD60   Battery grip for Nikon D40, D40X, D60, D5000 (BP-D60, BPD60, BPD 60)
Grip-CS-NIK510BN   Battery Grip for Nikon D5100, D5200
Grip-CS-NIK600BN   Battery Grip for Nikon D600
Grip-CS-MBD11   Battery Grip for Nikon D7000
Grip-CS-MBL15A   Battery Grip for Nikon D7000
Grip-CS-NIK710BN   Battery Grip for Nikon D7100
Grip-CS-MBD80   Battery grip for Nikon D80, D90 (MB-D80 , MBD80, MBD 80)
Grip-CS-NIK800BX   Battery Grip for Nikon D800, D800E
Grip-CS-PGH300BN   Battery Grip for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3, Lumix DMC-GH3A
Grip-CS-BGD4   Battery grip for Pentax K-7 (D-BG4, DBG4, DBG 4)
Grip-CS-BPK20   Battery grip for Pentax K10D, K20D (BP-K20D, BPK20D, BPK 20D)
Grip-CS-BPK20-1   Battery grip for Samsung GX-10, GX-20 (BP-K20D, BPK20D, BPK 20D)
Grip-CS-SLT770BN   Battery Grip for Sony alpha SLT-A77, alpha SLT-A77V, alpha SLT-A77VB, alpha SLT-A77VK, alpha SLT-A77VM, alpha SLT-A77VQ
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CA-HCBBPB7-0601   Charge and Sync Cable for Blackberry Playbook 7"
CA-HCHC00-0401   Charge and Sync Cable for HTC, BlackBerry with mini USB
CA-HCBB00-0101   Charge and Sync Cable for HTC, Blackberry, Motorola with micro USB
CA-HCNK00-0101   Charge and Sync Cable for Nokia with micro USB
CA-HCNK00-0301   Charge and Sync Cable for Nokia with micro USB & DC Jack
CA-HCSGP1000-0601   Charge and Sync Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab
CA-HCSG00-0101   Charge and Sync Cable for Samsung with micro USB
CA-HCSE00-0501   Charge and Sync Cable for Sony Ericsson with Fast Port
COMSCS-AC4720BU   Coms' Backup Battery for Acer Aspire 4720, Aspire 4720z

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