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Battery for Gateway T6800, T6300, T1600, P6300, M6800, M150, P170 series
Battery for Gateway T6800, T6300, T1600, P6300, M6800, M150, P170 series
Battery for Gateway T6800, T6300, T1600, P6300, M6800, M150, P170 series

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Product Code:: GATEWAY-CS-GWP170NB

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Description Extended Information

- Compact and light weight battery for daily use.
- With CE and ISO9001 certificate for quality assurance
- RoHS approved for toxic free
- Advanced Li-ion technology provides improved energy density.
- Cadmium-free to make sure toxic free
- Battery can be used more than 500 times (charge and discharge)
- With 12 months warranty and we guarantee the battery quality within one year of delivery.
- The online sales price already included the shipping cost to United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Germany. For countries outside of these areas, please e-mail admin@batterybay.net for an accurate shipping cost (If any) that is applied for the quantities of batteries you want to order.

Besides the model numbers that are supported by this battery as listed in the title, this model can also support the below model:

Brand: Gateway
Model No: Gateway M-14, Gateway M1400, Gateway M-1400, Gateway M1408j, Gateway M-1408J, Gateway M-1410J, Gateway M-1411J, Gateway M1412, Gateway M-1412, Gateway M150, Gateway M-150, Gateway M-150S, Gateway M-150S  Slate Grey Ridgeview, Gateway M-150S Garnet Red, Gateway M-150S Pacific Blue, Gateway M-150X, Gateway M-150X Garnet Red, Gateway M-150X Pacific Blue, Gateway M-150X Pacific Blue Ridgeview, Gateway M-150X Slate Grey Ridgeview, Gateway M-150XL, Gateway M-150XL Garnet Red, Gateway M-150XL Pacific Blue, Gateway M-150XL Pacific Blue Ridgeview, Gateway M-150XL Slate Grey Ridgeview, Gateway M-151S, Gateway M-151S Arctic Bloom, Gateway M-151S Garnet Red, Gateway M-151S Pacific Blue, Gateway M-151S Silver, Gateway M151x, Gateway M-151X, Gateway M-151X Arctic Bloom, Gateway M-151X Garnet Red, Gateway M-151X Pacific Blue, Gateway M-151X Silver, Gateway M151xl, Gateway M-151XL, Gateway M-151XL Garnet Red, Gateway M-151XL Pacific Blue, Gateway M-151XL Silve, Gateway M-152, Gateway M-152S, Gateway M-152S Arctic Bloom, Gateway M-152S Garnet Red, Gateway M-152S Pacific Blue, Gateway M-152S Silver, Gateway M152xl, Gateway M-152XL, Gateway M-152XL Garnet Red, Gateway M-152XL Pacific Blue, Gateway M-153, Gateway M-153S, Gateway M-153S Garnet Red, Gateway M-153S Pacific Blue, Gateway M-153S Silver, Gateway M-153X, Gateway M-153X Garnet Red, Gateway M-153X Silver, Gateway M-153XL, Gateway M-153XL Arctic Bloom, Gateway M-153XL Garnet Red, Gateway M-153XL Pacific Blue, Gateway M-16, Gateway M1600, Gateway M-1600, Gateway M1615, Gateway M-1615, Gateway M1617, Gateway M-1617, Gateway M1618, Gateway M-1618, Gateway M1618N, Gateway M-1618N, Gateway M1618R, Gateway M-1618R, Gateway M1619j, Gateway M-1619J, Gateway M-1622, Gateway M-1622H, Gateway M-1624, Gateway M-1625, Gateway M-1626, Gateway M-1628, Gateway M-1629, Gateway M-1630J, Gateway M-1631J, Gateway M-1632J, Gateway M-1634u, Gateway M-24, Gateway M-2400, Gateway M-2404u, Gateway M-2408j, Gateway M-2409j, Gateway M-2410j, Gateway M-2410u, Gateway M-2414u, Gateway M-2421u, Gateway M-26, Gateway M-2600, Gateway M-2623u, Gateway M-2624u, Gateway M-2625u, Gateway M-2626u, Gateway M52s, Gateway M-6000, Gateway M-6205M, Gateway M-6206M, Gateway M-6207M, Gateway M6300, Gateway M6305, Gateway M-6305, Gateway M6307, Gateway M-6307, Gateway M6308, Gateway M-6308, Gateway M-6309, Gateway M-6312, Gateway M-6315, Gateway M-6316, Gateway M-6317, Gateway M6318, Gateway M-6318, Gateway M-6319, Gateway M-6320, Gateway M-6322, Gateway M-6323, Gateway M-6324, Gateway M-6325, Gateway M-6332, Gateway M-6333, Gateway M-6334, Gateway M-6335, Gateway M-6337, Gateway M-6339U, Gateway M-6340U, Gateway M6700, Gateway M-6750, Gateway M-6750H, Gateway M-6752, Gateway M-6755, Gateway M6800, Gateway M6801m, Gateway M-6801M, Gateway M-6801MT, Gateway M6802m, Gateway M-6802M, Gateway M6803m, Gateway M-6803M, Gateway M6804m, Gateway M-6804M, Gateway M-6805M, Gateway M-6806M, Gateway M-6807M, Gateway M6808m, Gateway M-6808M, Gateway M-6809M, Gateway M-6810M, Gateway M-6811M, Gateway M-6812M, Gateway M-6813M, Gateway M-6814M, Gateway M6815, Gateway M-6815, Gateway M6816, Gateway M-6816, Gateway M6817, Gateway M-6817, Gateway M6821b, Gateway M-6821B, Gateway M6822, Gateway M-6822, Gateway M6823, Gateway M-6823, Gateway M6823a, Gateway M-6823A, Gateway M6824, Gateway M-6824, Gateway M6825j, Gateway M-6825J, Gateway M6826j, Gateway M-6826J, Gateway M-6827, Gateway M6827j, Gateway M-6827J, Gateway M6828b, Gateway M-6828B, Gateway M6829b, Gateway M-6829B, Gateway M-6834, Gateway M-6839J, Gateway M-6840J, Gateway M-6841, Gateway M-6842J, Gateway M-6843, Gateway M-6844, Gateway M-6846, Gateway M-6847, Gateway M-6848, Gateway M-6849, Gateway M-6850FX, Gateway M-6851, Gateway M-6854M, Gateway M-6862, Gateway M-6864FX, Gateway M-6866, Gateway M-6867, Gateway M-6873B, Gateway M-6873H, Gateway M-6874H, Gateway M-6875B, Gateway M-6876B, Gateway M-6877B, Gateway M-6878, Gateway M-6878H, Gateway M-6879J, Gateway M-6880, Gateway M-6881, Gateway M-6882h, Gateway M-6883u, Gateway M6884h, Gateway M-6884h, Gateway M-6885u, Gateway M-6887u, Gateway M-6888h, Gateway M-6888u, Gateway M6889u, Gateway M-6889u, Gateway M-73, Gateway M-7300, Gateway M7301h, Gateway M-7301h, Gateway M7301u, Gateway M-7301u, Gateway M-7305u, Gateway M-7309h, Gateway M-7315u, Gateway M-7317u, Gateway M7325u, Gateway M-7325u, Gateway M-7328u, Gateway M-7333u, Gateway M-7334u, Gateway M-7342u, Gateway M-7343u, Gateway M-7347u, Gateway M-7348u, Gateway M-7349u, Gateway M-7350u, Gateway P170, Gateway P-170, Gateway P-170L, Gateway P-170X, Gateway P-171, Gateway P-171S, Gateway P-171S FX, Gateway P-171X, Gateway P-171X FX, Gateway P-171XL FX, Gateway P-172, Gateway P-172S FX, Gateway P-172X, Gateway P-172XL FX, Gateway P-173, Gateway P-173X FX, Gateway P-173XL FX, Gateway P-6000, Gateway P6300, Gateway P6301, Gateway P-6301, Gateway P6302, Gateway P-6302, Gateway P-6311, Gateway P-6312, Gateway P-6313, Gateway P-6313H, Gateway P-6317, Gateway P-6318U, Gateway P-6801M FX, Gateway P6822, Gateway P-6822, Gateway P6825, Gateway P-6825, Gateway P6828h, Gateway P-6828H, Gateway P6829h, Gateway P-6829H, Gateway P-6831 FX, Gateway P-6832, Gateway P-6836, Gateway P-6860 FX, Gateway P6860fx, Gateway P-6861J FX, Gateway P-78, Gateway P-7800, Gateway P-7801U FX, Gateway P-7811 FX, Gateway P-7812J FX, Gateway P-7908u FX, Gateway P-7915u FX, Gateway P-7917u FX, Gateway P-7920u FX, Gateway T-1400, Gateway T-1409J, Gateway T-1412, Gateway T-1413h, Gateway T1600, Gateway T-1600, Gateway T-1602M, Gateway T-1603M, Gateway T-1604M, Gateway T-1605M, Gateway T1616, Gateway T-1616, Gateway T1620, Gateway T-1620, Gateway T1621, Gateway T-1621, Gateway T1622, Gateway T-1622, Gateway T-1623, Gateway T1625, Gateway T-1625, Gateway T-1628, Gateway T-1628H, Gateway T-1629, Gateway T-1630, Gateway T-1631, Gateway T-6000, Gateway T-6208C, Gateway T6300, Gateway T-6303C, Gateway T-6304C, Gateway T-6305C, Gateway T-6307C, Gateway T6308c, Gateway T-6308C, Gateway T6311, Gateway T-6311, Gateway T-6313, Gateway T-6313H, Gateway T-6315C, Gateway T-6316C, Gateway T-6317C, Gateway T-6318C, Gateway T-6319C, Gateway T-6320C, Gateway T-6321, Gateway T-6322C, Gateway T-6324C, Gateway T-6325C, Gateway T-6326C, Gateway T-6327C, Gateway T6339u, Gateway T6340u, Gateway T6341u, Gateway T6800, Gateway T6801m, Gateway T-6801M, Gateway T6802m, Gateway T-6802M, Gateway T6810, Gateway T6815, Gateway T-6815, Gateway T6815h, Gateway T-6815H, Gateway T6816, Gateway T-6816, Gateway T6816h, Gateway T-6816H, Gateway T6817c, Gateway T-6817C, Gateway T6818c, Gateway T-6818C, Gateway T6819c, Gateway T-6819C, Gateway T6820c, Gateway T-6820C, Gateway T6821c, Gateway T-6821C, Gateway T6822c, Gateway T-6822C, Gateway T6823c, Gateway T-6823C, Gateway T-6824C, Gateway T-6825C, Gateway T-6826C, Gateway T-6827C, Gateway T6828, Gateway T-6828, Gateway T-6829, Gateway T-6829H, Gateway T-6830C, Gateway T-6831C, Gateway T-6832C, Gateway T-6834C, Gateway T-6836, Gateway T-6840C, Gateway T-6841H, Gateway T-6842, Gateway T-6842H
Part number: Gateway 1BTIZZZ0TAT, Gateway 1BTIZZZ0TAU, Gateway 1BTIZZZ0TAV, Gateway 2524264, Gateway 2524265, Gateway 3UR18650-2-T0036, Gateway 3UR18650-2-T0037, Gateway 3UR18650F-2-ARM, Gateway 6501117, Gateway 6501147, Gateway 6501164, Gateway 6501165, Gateway 6501166, Gateway 6501167, Gateway 6501168, Gateway 6501169, Gateway 6501171, Gateway 6501182, Gateway 6501187, Gateway 6501188, Gateway 6501189, Gateway 6501190, Gateway 6501191, Gateway 6501200, Gateway 6501202, Gateway 6501203, Gateway 6501209, Gateway 6501210, Gateway 6501211, Gateway 6501212, Gateway 6501213, Gateway 6501214, Gateway 6501215, Gateway 6501216, Gateway 6501217, Gateway 6501219, Gateway 6506124R, Gateway 6506125R, Gateway 6506126R, Gateway 6506128, Gateway 6506156R, Gateway 6506157R, Gateway 916C6240F, Gateway 916C6250, Gateway 916C6790F, Gateway 916C6800F, Gateway 916C6810F, Gateway 916C6940F, Gateway 916C7320F, Gateway 934T2660F, Gateway 934T2670F, Gateway 934T2690F, Gateway 934T2700F, Gateway 934T2720F, Gateway 934T2730F, Gateway 934T2920F, Gateway 934T2960F, Gateway 935C/T2090F, Gateway 935C/T2270, Gateway 935C2090F, Gateway 935C2150F, Gateway 935C2180F, Gateway 935C2190F, Gateway 935T2090F, Gateway AB170, Gateway B1865010G00004, Gateway B1865010G00006, Gateway B1865060GA0013, Gateway B1865060GA0014, Gateway B1865060GA0015, Gateway B1865060GA0016, Gateway B1865060GA0017, Gateway B1865060GA0018, Gateway B1865060GA0019, Gateway B1865060GA0020, Gateway B1865060GA0021, Gateway B1865060GA0161, Gateway BT.00603.047, Gateway BT.00603.050, Gateway BT.00603.051, Gateway BT.00607.024, Gateway BT.00607.025, Gateway BT.00607.026, Gateway BT.00607.029, Gateway BT.00607.030, Gateway BT.0060D.001, Gateway BT.0060D.002, Gateway BT.0060D.003, Gateway BT.0060D.004, Gateway BT.0060D.005, Gateway BT.0060D.006, Gateway DAK100440-010144L, Gateway DAK100440-010802L, Gateway DAK100440-011107L, Gateway DAK100440-011805, Gateway DAK100440-011805L, Gateway DAK100520-010102L, Gateway DAK100520-010802L, Gateway SQU-715, Gateway SQU-719, Gateway SQU-720, Gateway SQU-721, Gateway W35044LB, Gateway W35044LB-SP, Gateway W35044LB-SP1, Gateway W35044LB-SY, Gateway W35052LB, Gateway W35052LB-SP, Gateway W35052LB-SY, Gateway W35078LD

Specification of the Battery:
205.00 x 50.00 x 22.40mm
Lithion-Ion Battery
11.1 Volts

We offer 18% discount on the 2nd and the 4th batteries you order (details in the CART page), for discounts applied for more quantities, please visit our Volume Order Discounts Page.
Any enquiry or wholesales request, please contact us at admin@batterybay.net.

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